ImpulseRC Helix ZX6 Frame Review and Build

Artur’s last build this year is the Helix ZX6 from ImpulseRC, here he shares his impressions and some photos after building this quad.

The Helix ZX6 is built and reviewed by Artur Banach. For the 5″ version, ZX5, check out RcflightNZ’s build log.


Frame Overview

ZX6 is a 6” version of Helix, it has advantage of being able to carry 6” props but motor to motor distance is very close to the 5” Alien which is really interesting. However, I will be using 5” props on this frame, mostly because of the 2300KV motors I am using. I also plan to use lighter 6″ props such as HQ 6×3.5 props for more speed and the 6” handling. Best of both worlds!

Building the Helix was a blast, only took me about 4-5 hours. I watched the build video by KrazyFPV because this isn’t just a mini quad frame, but rather quite a complex kit so I didn’t want to mess up with Flight Controller or Video Transmitter since I never used those components before.

helix-zx6-mini-quad-frame-build-10 helix-zx6-mini-quad-frame-build-9

Build Parts



What I Think About Helix


  • Kit includes a lot of goodies so it’s like a half finished quad
  • Good value for money
  • Easy to build
  • Very good carbon fibre quality, already prepped
  • Diamond files included (same as with Alien frames)
  • Programmable 5V LEDs included!
  • Flight Controller is integrated with Power Distribution Board and is soft mounted (not a structural part)
  • Video Transmitter has switchable power (25, 200 and 500mw) and settings can be changed via OSD
  • PID values and many other useful things can be changed using goggles and radio transmitter – no need for a laptop to tune the quad in the field
  • ESC fairings come with a different colors, so plenty to choose from to make a quad more colourful and less black
  • Smart, very well engineered design with extreme attention to details
  • Few camera plate angle options and GoPro camera plates included in the kit
  • Serial to USB adapter included for flashing VTX
  • Very easy to feed the lipo strap between the two carbon fibre plates unlike on some X racing frames

helix-zx6-mini-quad-frame-build-8 helix-zx6-mini-quad-frame-build-7



  • Shipping from Australia (for now), cost a lot and also Duty/Tax applies to a parcel which increase the cost of the quad
  • Only certain ESCs can be fitted inside the fairings (size of an Aikon 30A) so it’s not possible to use bigger ESC’s such as KISS ESC’s
  • No option for using different Flight controller other than the supplied. Not necessarily a bad thing, It’s a kit after all
  • No option for using different Video Transmitter other than the supplied (Not entirely a bad thing)
  • Video transmitter is a structural part of the central tower so in theory it can get damaged quickly in crashes
  • GoPro tilt angle is fixed at 45 degree. Very aggressive angle, way too much for the park fliers and even for some racers
  • Impossible to adjust the FPV camera angle because lens is tight against the standoffs holding the camera plates together

4 thoughts on “ImpulseRC Helix ZX6 Frame Review and Build

  1. Miguel Angel

    I recently bought a helix zx5.
    I am from Spain.
    Is it necessary to flash the vtx or can I use it without flashing?

  2. Michael

    How did you connected your X4R? Did you use the smart port? I think that my one is connected the wrong way.
    I get RSSI but no readings when I move the sticks… Can you help?



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