Review: HGLRC Thor Pro 6-Port Parallel Charging Board XT60 & XT30

by Oscar
Hglrc Thor Pro 6 Port Parallel Charging Board Xt60 & Xt30

Introducing the HGLRC Thor Pro 6-Port parallel charging board, the upgraded big brother to the well-loved Thor 4 PRO. Boasting a 6-battery capacity, the Thro 6 Pro parallel charging board promises to speed up your charging experience with efficiency and convenience. In this review we will delve into the features and benefits of the HGLRC Thor Pro 6-port parallel charging board.

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Where to Buy

Find the HGLRC Thor Pro 6-Port Parallel Charging Board here:

Hglrc Thor Pro 6 Port Parallel Charging Board Unbox Accessories

The included accessories:

  • Balancer cable for input (supports up to 6S approx. 20 cm long)
  • XT60 cable for input (approx. 20 cm long)
  • Sticker set
  • Quick start guide (English/Chinese)

The manual instructions are short and clear and contain all the information you need.

Hglrc Thor Pro 6 Port Parallel Charging Board Manual Instruction

How to Parallel Charge?

Hglrc Thor Pro 6 Port Parallel Charging Board Xt60 & Xt30 Lipo Charger Batteries Li Ion

Before attempting parallel charging, familiarize yourself with the process and safety precautions by referring to this comprehensive guide:

A Detailed Look at the HGLRC Thor 6 Pro

Hglrc Thor Pro 6 Port Parallel Charging Board Xt60 & Xt30 Top

The HGLRC Thor Pro 6-port parallel charging board features 6 ports, allowing you to charge up to six batteries simultaneously. Each port includes both an XT60 and an XT30 connector, providing exceptional versatility and eliminating the need for adapters. The board boasts a maximum total current rating of 40A, more than adequate for charging FPV drone batteries.

Hglrc Thor Pro 6 Port Parallel Charging Board Xt60 & Xt30 Amass

Similar to its predecessor, the Thor 4 Pro, the HGLRC Thor 6 Pro is nicely crafted. The cables are of high quality, and the XT60 connectors are sourced from Amass, a manufacturer renowned for their reliable XT60 connectors.

Hglrc Thor Pro 6 Port Parallel Charging Board Input

The 4mm-thick acrylic top plate, featuring precision-milled cutouts for the balance plugs, adds a refined touch to the overall design. Supporting 2S to 6S LiPo batteries, the board requires a LiPo charger with 6S balance connector compatibility.

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Safety Features

Hglrc Thor Pro 6 Port Parallel Charging Board Xt60 & Xt30 Fuse Protection

Safety is paramount when charging multiple batteries simultaneously. The Thor Pro 6-port charging board incorporates several built-in safety features to ensure a secure charging experience.

Each port is protected by a 15A fuse, which helps prevent sudden current surges between batteries, safeguarding your batteries during charging and shielding the charging board from damage. In my opinion, this feature is essential in parallel charging boards. While fuse blowouts are rare, you will need to replace them when they do. These fuses are automotive types commonly found in cars, and you can easily find affordable replacements online (make sure to get the ones with long legs):

Additionally, the balance ports have individual, self-resetting thermal fuses rated for 2A. These fuses are excellent for preventing damage caused by user errors, such as accidentally plugging the balance connector in backward. In such instances, the red LED lights serve as a warning, allowing you to address the issue before it escalates. These fuses automatically reset upon battery disconnection.

Discharge Module

Hglrc Thor Pro 6 Port Parallel Charging Board Discharge Module

Located at the far end of the board, the discharge module operates independently from the charging functionality. It’s designed to automatically bring battery voltage down to the ideal level for storage (i.e., 3.8V per cell). A 3-digit LED display allows you to monitor the total battery voltage.

However, you must use the small button on the side to specify the correct number of cells; setting an incorrect number can result in over-discharging or under-discharging your battery. Additionally, it doesn’t balance the voltage of the cells during discharging since it’s only using the XT30/XT60 and not the balance lead, which is not ideal. Lastly, the discharge process is quite slow, which is why I never used this feature on the Thor 4 Pro. If I need to discharge a battery, I prefer to just fly it on a drone, or use the charger to do so.


Hglrc Thor Pro 6 Port Parallel Charging Board 4 Port Size Comparison

Given a choice between the Thor 4 and Thor 6, I would undoubtedly opt for the Thor 6. While charging four LiPos at once is sufficient for most people, the additional two ports provide greater flexibility and efficiency when needed.

Hglrc Thor Pro 6 Port Parallel Charging Board Xt60 & Xt30

The HGLRC Thor Pro 6-port parallel charging board is an outstanding investment for those looking to charge multiple batteries simultaneously. Its built-in safety features and efficient charging capabilities make it an excellent addition to any drone pilot’s toolkit. Just be sure to follow safety precautions and consistently check your battery voltages before charging.

I recommend the HGLRC Thor 6 parallel charging board, as it leaves a lasting impression of high quality, and I haven’t encountered any issues in my usage.

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DX 19th April 2023 - 2:10 am

Thanks for another detailed article! I am new to FPV and just got myself a Hota D6 pro charger. currently, I have 4 6s 1300mah batteries and am looking for a parallel charging board. I will for sure buy some more batteries in the future, but do you think I should buy 2 Thor 4 boards for each channel in the D6 pro instead of 2 thor 6 boards, since I won’t get enough output charging AC exclusively?

Oscar 19th April 2023 - 2:13 am

I’d get the Thor 6. the Extra capacity will come in handy, especially when you have a bunch of smaller batteries. The price difference is small anyway.

JD Dupuy 15th April 2023 - 2:22 pm

Thanks for the review. I have 2 of the previous model but purchased this new one using your Amazon link. Great product and review!