News: Horus X11 – Frsky’s Next New Radio

Frsky announced their next radio – the Horus X11. It’s going to be the new platform for their newly developed dual frequency band Tandem system.

Specs and Features of the Horus X11

Specs are unknown at the moment. So far it appears to be a “simplified” version of the Horus X12. This could be a response to the Jumper T16 – a low cost radio that is recently released by Jumper.

If my speculation turned out to be correct, the Horus X11 would be priced similar to the Taranis X9D-Plus, or even slightly cheaper.

What is Tandem?

According to Frsky, Tandem is their latest radio redundancy technology. They will release Tandem compatible receivers that will allow dual frequency redundancy, i.e. 2.4GHz and 900MHz.

This technology probably won’t work on existing products and will require new RF modules. The Horus X11 will probably come with a built-in RF module that support this. And therefore I wouldn’t be surprised if the Horus X11 didn’t have a JR module bay in the back.

Want to know more?

I will come back and update as soon as I hear more about this product.

5 thoughts on “News: Horus X11 – Frsky’s Next New Radio

  1. Mr. D

    I think you’re right here. It’s a budget X10 with less hardware features, aimed squarely at the Jumper T16. Another note is it will ship with ACCESS so won’t be backwards compatible.

  2. MrR

    Don’t worry Michael, some of us will make sure there is a way to get Crossfire working.
    After all the radio is advertised as “dual band” so there will be at least one 900MHz Tx inside this.
    (read between the lines)

  3. FPVRay

    If it works with my existing R9 MM this may be the upgrade from the QX7 I was looking for.
    Looking forward to seeing more about this

  4. Michael S

    Sorry FrSky, but if it doesn’t support Crossfire, it’s a nogo.
    If they really kicked out the module bay, this would be a clear statement against TBS. And as a customer, I don’t like when others try to decide what is good for me, and what is not.


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