HoverSpeed RC AirGate V3 Pro

by Oscar

Many thanks to HoverSpeed RC for sending me this personalised Airgate!

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Very well made airgate and I like it a lot! The gate I received was the V3 Pro airgate. There is also the premium version. The main differences between Pro and Premium is the material used and the diameter of the pole.

Get your Airgate from HoverSpeedRC.

The V3 pro airgate series are made from 120gsm polyester sleeve, supported by a 9.5mm fibreglass pole.

The premium airgate series are made from a 540gsm coated (Uflexrx) PVC. These gates are supported by a 11mm fiberglass pole.

The premium gates uses better material, therefore are stronger against crashes. Another advantage of the premium gate is that they can be fully branded at no extra cost. This is great for sponsors for organized races. But of course they twice as expensive.

The fabric of the Pro airgates can be damaged from spinning propellers. But the cuts are relatively small.

hoverspeedrc-airgate-pro-v3-oscar-fpv-race-cut-prop hoverspeedrc-airgate-pro-v3-oscar-fpv-race-cut-prop-damage

The Pro Airgate was used in many organised races such as the Weston Park and the UK Nationals. They are very easy to install, slightly simpler than the FPVModel gates.

I probably didn’t install my airgate the proper way (I think the guy robe should be tied to both ends on both sides, instead of only 1 end each side). But I found this way is good enough to hold against most crashes, and it only takes 1 minute to setup.



only thing that I think they could do better is to provide a proper bag for the gate like the one from FPVModel Race Gate. One solution I came up with is to use Velcro help sealing the bag.


In my opinion if you are looking for good quality airgates that last, you can’t go wrong with them. Good material, very easy to setup, and the guys selling them are very helpful. They are based in the UK, so there is no tax or long shipping for those in the UK and rest of the EU.


Here is the instruction how to properly assemble the airgate.


Here is a flight featuring the airgate :)

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