iOS/Android Mobile App for Betaflight, Cleanflight and iNav

You can configure Betaflight settings on your quad by installing a Betaflight mobile app on your iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or tablets. This is handy when you are out in the field and don’t have access to a computer. There are a few different options which we will introduce in this post.

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Mobile App vs. Betaflight OSD / LUA Script?

So you might wonder, we can already change Betaflight settings using Betaflight OSD or LUA script, why would you want to use a clunky mobile app?

Well, some mobile apps for Betaflight give you more complete settings that aren’t available in Betaflight OSD and LUA script yet. Another advantage is that it doesn’t require OSD or specific radio receiver or transmitter for LUA script to work.


Download: Android | iTunes

Developed by the same company, SpeedyBee, the app is available on both Google Play and iTune. I like this app because it’s FREE and it gives you access to nearly all the settings on the Betaflight configurator including the CLI. It’s really a great app, though it’s not as easy to use as the computer version configurator.

Here are a few more screenshots of the app, the layout looks nearly identical to the one we use on a computer.

When changing numeric settings it can take a bit of patience as you can only tap on the up/down arrow. Say if you want to change current sensor scale from 600 to 200, it can take a while. I wish they allow number typing.

Because it’s on bluetooth, the refresh rate is a bit slow compared to the PC configurator. Especially with the 3D model and the receiver tab when you move the TX sticks. Not really a biggie though, it still works well for the most part.

Apart from these, the APP loads pretty fast, opening the tabs and changing options are pretty responsive.

The SpeedyBee Betaflight App supports both OTG cable and bluetooth module. However, for OTG cable it only works on Android, iPhone users can only use Bluetooth module.

In fact SpeedyBee makes their own branded Bluetooth module, as well as flight controllers with built-in bluetooth. I believe that’s how they are funding the software development at the moment. I’ve been told you can use a generic BT module with the app, but if you want to support their effort with the software you should get the official one.

I’ve tested their Bluetooth module and it worked as expected. The signal range is 30+ feet, and if you are connecting the pins as shown in the instruction, the BT module disconnects automatically as soon as you arm the quad.

The setup is relatively simple, enable MSP in one of the spare UART and connect TX and RX to the BT module.

SpeedyBee, sounds familiar? Yes, they released an FPV camera a few months ago. It wasn’t particularly popular though due to the unattractive pricing and average performance.

Betaflight CM

Betaflight CM (configuration manager) is a paid software. They also offer a free version wit limited access to settings.

It’s designed to be used with OTG cables, NOT Bluetooth module.

The Betaflight CM looks to have a really well designed user interface. However I haven’t actually tested it myself so I can’t tell you how easy it is to use. For more information about its capability and where to get it, please visit their thread on IntoFPV forum.

When I asked the developer at Betaflight CM about the differences between Speedybee and Betaflight CM, here is the reply.

Other Betaflight iOS/Android Apps

There are some other options. The two we’ve mentioned above have been tested and reported working well at IntoFPV, that’s why I have to recommend those two first.

Am I missing any Betaflight apps? Let me know in the comment. Featured Image is from Lê Thanh Tùng on Youtube.

9 thoughts on “iOS/Android Mobile App for Betaflight, Cleanflight and iNav

  1. Kyle W.

    The reason that location permissions are required is because that’s how Android (unsure about iOS) handles bluetooth access. It’s a bit weird it’s not broken out on its own, but that’s why it doesn’t work when you deny location.

  2. steveb

    Strings attached business model? I think the developers of this software have a right to ask for payment; its a lot of work and i personally dont have the technical ability to write this software anyway.

    I think we get a very good deal from the authors of beatafligh/cleanflight/inav!

  3. Brad Gray. (Hoppey)

    Where can I find an Instruction Manual that tells me what to do…I won a drone off the Drone Nation app and BNF is all new to me..Thank You

  4. Jason

    Oscar, can you please tell me what is the exact type of 5-pin cable harness that is used for the adapter? I am considering buying and installing a few harnesses and having one UART device in my toolkit to switch between models.

  5. Pablo

    Hello! I have installed SpeedyBee but I haven’t tried it yet….

    One thing, I have payed for ez gui time ago, but when I upgraded my flight controller to betaflight 3.2, I couldn’t use ez gui anymore. It one works with previous versions of betaflight…..

  6. Adam

    I just hate the fact that Betaflight CM is a paid app, per device, when I can use the Betaflight Configurator on my computer for free. And Speedybee requires location permissions, and won’t even run if I don’t them. Why? Why does a Betaflight configuration app need to know my GPS location?

    Sure maybe they work, but this kind of garbage “strings attached” buisiness model is what the smartphones have done to software.


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