Review: iSDT Q6 LiPo Charger (Lite/Pro/Plus)

The iSDT Q6 LiPo charger has been my recommendation since the SC620 was discontinued. In this review I will explain the different options and why this is a great charger for LiPo battery.

The iSDT Q6 replaces the popular SC608 (100W) and the SC620 (500W) back in 2016. I was saddened because I love how affordable and reliable these chargers are. After using the new Q6 for a while now, I started to feel that wasn’t a wrong decision by iSDT.

I own the SC620, I have been using it for years and it’s still rocking. Typically, I “parallel-charge” 4 to 6 LiPo batteries at once, I am glad I can still do the same with the Q6 even with the reduced power.

Here is a tutorial on parallel charging LiPo batteries.

I really enjoy the iSDT Q6 charger for its compact form factor and portability, great option for field charging. Most importantly, it’s been serving me reliably for over a year now and that’s why it’s in my LiPo charger recommendation :)


There are 3 models in the Q6 line-up, they shared the following specs:

  • Input Voltage DC 7-32V
  • 2-cell to 6-cell LiPo battery support
  • Supported battery Type: LiFe/ LiIon/ LiPo/ LiHv (1-6s)/ NiMH/ Cd (1- 16S)/ Pb (1- 12S)
  • Discharge Current 0.1 – 3.0A
  • 2.4″ 320×240 IPS LCD Display
  • Dimension: 80x80x33.5mm
  • Weight: 119g

The differences are:

Q6 Lite Q6 Pro Q6 Plus
Buy From Banggood
Price $50 $60 $60
Charging Power 200W 300W 300W
Charge Current 8A 14A 14A
Discharging Power 5W 8W 8W
Colors Grey Multiple Options Black/White
Support Batt-Go No Yes No

Which Q6 LiPo Charger Should I Buy?

tltr: Just get the Q6 Pro (or Plus), I don’t see why you would give up so much power for just $10.

Between the three options, the main difference is on the charging power and maximum output current. It’s no-brainer, for $10 extra you get a much more powerful charger. You can also discharge a bit faster with the Pro and Plus.

I normally parallel charge multiple batteries at the same time at 1C. With the Q6 Lite (Rating: 200W or 8A), you can charge up to five 4S 1500mAh packs at the same time. But if you want to charge them at 2C, then you can only charge 2 batteries at once due to the output current limit. (8A / (2C x 1.5Ah) = 2.67)

The Q6 Pro and Plus have identical spec and price (last I checked), except the Pro supports BattGo technology while the Plus doesn’t. It’s not a widely adapted feature, so it’s not that big of a deal really, but it doesn’t hurt to have it.

With 300W power and up to 14A of charging current, you will be able to charge four 4S 1500mAh batteries at 2C at the same time. (14A / (2C x 1.5Ah) = 4.67)

What I like about the ISDT Q6 LiPo Charger

The Q6 is possibly the smallest LiPo charger you can get for the amount of power, it’s extremely light weight and portable.

Price is great too, many other decent and trusted chargers are normally priced $100 or more.

You can power the Q6 with any DC power supply from 7V to 32V, as long as they have a XT60 connector. That makes it an ideal solution for charging in the field. I love using a 6S 10000mAh LiPo for charging smaller 4S packs. The whole field charging setup can easily fit in my backpack.

This tutorial explains how to charge LiPo batteries in the field, and my field-charging setup.

The “One key shuttle control” is easy to use, and the interface is user friendly. The charger also comes with multiple languages pre-installed (English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese).

You can update the Firmware for any bug fixes and improvement to make the best use of the product.

There is a light sensor next to the screen and it changes the brightness automatically for the users to best see the display clearly. The display is really bright and works well even under sunlight.

The Q6 Charger Is Great, But Not Perfect

Despite how much I like this charger, there are some imperfections I’d like to point out to you. But don’t worry, none of these is a deal breaker :)

You cannot power it with AC without a dedicated power supply (PSU), which you will have to purchase separately. This is what I use: (see my review why I like it)

Here is a tutorial how to choose PSU for LiPo Charger.

The Q6 lacks display protections and is vulnerable to scratches. In the worse cases they might affect the clarity of the screen. you can get screen protectors here: Update: the latest Q6 chargers come with screen protector.

Yes you can update the firmware on these chargers, but you have to purchase the cable separately… I don’t get it why they didn’t use USB interface, or provide the adapter with the charger. Buy the cable here: | Or you can make it yourself as shown in this guide.

The control wheel is an outstanding feature as it makes menu navigation a lot more delightful. However, it feels slightly too “slippery, and it lacks the precision when selecting menu/option. Hopefully iSDT can improve on this in the future.

12 thoughts on “Review: iSDT Q6 LiPo Charger (Lite/Pro/Plus)

  1. CapnBry

    I’ve had a ISDT Q6 Lite charger for about 8 months now and it has been working just fine, however due to quarantine I haven’t had any place to fly. I left a parallel charge bard with 3x 1300mAh 4S batteries plugged into the charger but with the charger’s power supply turned off. Over the course of a month and a half it drained and killed the batteries.

    The charger pulls ~1.35mA from the XT60 on *the battery side* if no power input is connected. This means it will kill any battery you leave plugged into it after storage charging if you leave it long enough.

  2. Zen

    They are not high quality. After some time my Pro started to show blank screen when connected. I have to disconnect both PSU and battery and restart the unit.

  3. Clif Brown

    I had 2 Q6 units fail on me after not much use on 2, 3 and 4S. FETs burned out and I never abused the units After email with ISDT did not get warranty on them. So no more for me. 2 was enough.

  4. John

    So I seem to have problems with my power supply, bought this one, Sometime when I try to charge the fan bogs down and my Q6 beeps and says low voltage and then stops charging. A question I have though is when the screen is blue (balance charging), after a while the power unit fan stops and the q6 restarts. Is this because its done charging or do i have power supply issues?

    1. Edmund

      What batteries are you charging, specs? What is the specs of your power supply? I used to have the same issue when I had a very low amperaged powersupply (3.5amps). I changed it to 10amps and now I can charge 3-4 4S 1500mah batts at 5.5amps for about 30mins without issues. When I set it at 6amp thats when the charger stops at some point without getting completed, thus i lowered it to 5.5amps. Technically it should be possible and I could even have more batteries but for now 3-4 batts at one time suffices. Cheers!

    1. Jeff

      same issue, It isn’t the same version of the software, I just got the Pro and there is no downloads for it. I tried to use the Plus version, but it fails out saying I have the wrong unit to use this firmware flasher

    1. Lee gyu bong

      I have a q6 pro (Version china).
      (Pn 170109204709-00086.

      I want to know input SN code 12

  5. Enrique

    I have two iSDT Q6 Plus chargers and both started to show “abnormal battery connection” every time I try to use them. That I know from my city, at least other 7 iSDT chargers show issues that render them useless.


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