DJI SRT File Editor (OSD Subtitle)

> How to use this editor?
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Step 0: Make a copy of your original .srt file before proceeding

Step 1: Choose data to display, rename label if you want


Step 1.1: Optional Settings

Separator between data (default: space)
Common options: , (comma) | (vertical bar) \n (new line)

Step 2: Select .srt file

Step 3: Copy and paste data below in a text file, save and rename text file to the same name as your video file, and change file extension to .srt

e.g. if video filename is DJIG0001.mp4, rename text file to

Remember to refresh page for the next file.

Report a problem with the tool:
Please describe the issue and copy and paste your original .srt content so I can troubleshoot.