Review: Jumper T-Lite Radio – The Cheapest Worth Having Radio?

The Jumper T-Lite is a budget radio with powerful features. This thing ticks a lot of boxes for me: it has the shape of a gaming controller, supports multi-protocol as well as external RF modules. But is it as good as it sounds? Let’s find out.

New to FPV? Don’t forget to check out my radio transmitter buyer’s guide. This review is written by guest writer, B. Von Bla, edited by Oscar Liang.

Where to Buy?

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  • Multi-protocol module (JP4IN1) chipsets and their supported protocols are:
    • A7105: Flysky, Hubsan, AFHDS2A etc
    • CC2500: Frsky, Futaba SFHSS, Hitec, Radiolink, Esky, Corona etc
    • CYRF6936: DSM / DSMX, Walkera Devo, Wfly, etc
    • NRF24L01: HISKY, Syma, ASSAN, etc
  • Radio Micro-controller: STM32F205
  • Mono color LCD Screen: 1.3” 128×64 pixels
  • Input Voltage: DC 3.5-4.2V
  • Required Battery: 1x 18650 (not included)
  • 16 Channels
  • Size: 166*106*56mm
  • Weight: 260g (with 1×18650)

Key Features of Jumper T-Lite

Like I said, the Jumper T-Lite ticks a lot of boxes for me:

  • Amazing price – $76 Only
  • Compact form factor, good shape for thumbers
  • Internal multi-protocol RF module
  • Runs OpenTX firmware
  • Hall sensor gimbals
  • Supports external modules like Jumper R900, Frsky R9, TBS Crossfire, etc
  • Powered by a single 18650 cell
  • You can charge the battery inside the radio via USB-C
  • Supports FPV Simulator on PC
  • Removable antenna for easy transportation or upgrading to a higher gain antenna
  • Voice and Vibration function

It’s Great but not perfect

So far, it sounds too good to be true right? Yup! There are a few minor issues you should be aware of.

To keep the price down, they’ve skipped some protection in the circuits. For example you should not power the radio without an antenna, and do not insert the 18650 cell backward (avoid reverse polarity). Both mistakes could fry the electronics, the radio comes with stickers reminding you of these.

There are no momentary switches, but I’ve been told that you can reconfigure the trim buttons in OpenTX to be used as momentary switches if you wish.

And the big RGB LED in the center, it’s blindingly bright. I remedied it by covering it with a piece of electrical tape.

For me personally, those are the only downsides and they are absolutely not deal breakers.

Closer Look at the Jumper T-Lite

Let’s look at the radio from all sides and explain what are on there.

Top view:

We have the gimbals and the trim-buttons. Between the trim-buttons is the power button. Above that is the LCD screen surrounded by menu navigation buttons.

On the very top we have the antenna and two of the four switches. On the bottom we have the speaker in one of the grips and inside the other grip is a haptic feedback motor.

View from the top:

There are four switches: the two bottom ones are 2-position switches and the two top ones are 3-position switches.

In the middle we have, from left to right, a 3.5mm audio jack for buddy box, a SMA antenna connector, above that is a micro-SD card slot, and finally on the left is a USB-C connector for charging the battery and connecting the radio to a pc so you can use it with FPV simulators.

The view from the back:

We have the 18650 battery compartment and behind the “T-Lite” sticker, is a small hole that gives access to the connector for the module bay.

User Experience

Some reviewers complain about ergonomics of the T-Lite radio, but here is my take on that: It’s fine!

I’m a thumber and for me it works just fine. Some reviewers argued that you have to wedge your fingers between the switches and that, for instance, arming and disarming would be a bit awkward. I’d say it is a non-issue for me,  just a matter of getting used to the layout really.

I arm with the 3-position switch: Down is disarmed, Middle is beeper, and Up is armed.

If you want to be able to disarm faster you can use the bottom switch for arming.

The screen is a transflective LCD screen. So absolutely no problem at all reading it in sunlight. I prefer this over those fancy color screens. When you are indoor, the bright LED under the screen can be irritating, I simply put a piece of electrical tape over it.

The radio has haptic feedback and speaker. I prefer to have my radios silent so i do not use any voice files for the speaker. If you want to use voice files, note that they don’t come preinstalled, you’ll need to put them on a micro SD card and insert it into the radio.

See my recommendations on SD card for your radio.

Inside the Radio

The back case is held on with 8 screws of the same size.

All electronics is connected to the mainboard with connectors and flexible silicone wires, very nice build quality. The multi-protocol module board connects to the mainboard with pin headers. The designers even had one set of pin headers reversed so that you can’t possibly insert the board the wrong way, very nice touch.

Tension on the gimbal springs can be easily adjusted.

If you ever had to replace a broken switch, it is really easy to do. Just de-solder the wires on the switch, and solder them to the new switch and you are ready to go.

Inside the radio there is plenty of room for expansion. There’s so much room, Jumper had to stack 3 pieces of foam to press down on the radio module so it is secured in place.

So, there it is, the Jumber T-Lite radio. It’s a compact and versatile transmitter that does not break the bank and has plenty of tinkering/expansion possibilities.

Thank you for reading and happy flying.

4 thoughts on “Review: Jumper T-Lite Radio – The Cheapest Worth Having Radio?

  1. Bvonbla

    Well, I come from a jumper tsg8 (the original black one). That one had pretty low quality gimbals and I did not really have any problem with that. The gimbals on the t-lite certainly center a lot more accurately and there is almost no jitter. For me they just work well. And, as they work with hall sensors instead op potentiometers, I think they will be less prone to wear and tear. Especially in wet climates. (Just an assumption as I do not live noway near the tropics.)


    I received my T-Lite Jumper and the throttle Gimbal was defective. I found the product very bad in terms of construction, the features are great but it could be of higher quality. Anyway, I ended up buying the TX16S MAX and this one is TOP 10.

  3. Alessandro

    I completely agree with what you say about this radio, some small defect that can be remedied with a few tricks.
    I would have liked a your oppinion of the gimbals quality.


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