Custom Splash, Background, Model Images for T16 / TX16S / T18

To take advantage of the TX16S, T18 and T16’s beautiful color screen, you can upload your very own custom splash image, background image and model images. In this tutorial I will show you how to install these images in the T16.

See my review of the Radiomaster TX16S, you can get it from:

Image Size/Format Requirement

Splash Screen:

  • Path: /IMAGE/splash.png
  • Dimensions: 480×272 px

Background Image:

  • Path: /THEMES/DEFAULT/background.png
  • Dimensions: 480×272 px

Model Images:

  • Path: /IMAGE/******.png (image name max 6 characters)
  • Dimensions: 192×114 px

What’re splash Image, background image and model images?

Splash image is displayed at startups (when you power on the radio).

Background image is displayed all the time in the background.

Model images are the icon/logo you want to assigned to each model profile.

Like the interface color and layout? You can do the same, or get creative and create your own style following this guide.

How to Install Images in the T16?

  1. Find an image you want to use. If you don’t have any, search on Google (
  2. Open the image in your favourite image editor (for example, Gimp or Photoshop)
  3. Resize/crop the image to the exact dimension mentioned above in the requirement
  4. Save the image in PNG format
  5. Rename the image file to splash.png / background.png, for model images make sure the filename doesn’t exceed 6 characters
  6. Lastly, place the image file in the required directory on the SD card inside the T16
  7. Optionally, it’s best to compress the images, the smaller the image, the faster it loads. There are a ton of image compressors online, just google “png file compressor”

Two ways to access the SD card inside the T16:

  1. take it out of the radio and insert it to your computer
  2. or, connect the radio with a USB cable. But first you have to enter bootloader mode

Splash / Background Image Not Showing?

If your image doesn’t work, try to open both the original image file from the radio and your new image, then copy your image and overwrite the original image. Save it and copy it back to the radio.

Also try to compress the images to similar size as the original file.

Download My Images

Like my images? You can download them here:

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  1. Chris Hollman

    Yes, custom firmware. OpenTX is open source, you can download the firmware and modify and compile it yourself.


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