What is Loctite Glue for? Quadcopter Motor Screws

Loctite glue is an important element in a solid multirotor build. As known as thread locker, Loctite is used to fixing and locking threaded fasteners. Here I will share some information about this type of glue and how to use it.

Loctite is a brand name of an adhesive products family such as thread-lockers. It’s used a lot on motor screws, which helps prevent loosening due to motor/propellers vibration. When it’s cured the screw or nuts will become harder to remove.

Loctite isn’t like normal glue, It feels more like paint – not sticky but greasy. It takes a while to dry/cure as well after applying.

You just need to put a little bit (less than a drop) onto the thread, applying too much you might have a nightmare removing the screw. When apply not enough, it might not have the desired strength. Loctite glue should be applied at the end of the screw, this assures full coverage over the length of the threads during installation. For full strength, it is recommended to remove the bolt or nut, cleaning all the surface before using the glue.

Note that thread locker only works on metal, but not on plastic/nylon.


I have been using this Thread Locker TL242 from Hobbyking and it’s giving me great results. A small bottle like this would probably last years and it only costs $0.99! A must have tool when building a quadcopter!

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