Making a GoPro from Spare Parts – Cheaper and Easier?

You can build a working GoPro Hero 6 and 8 from spare parts, and it can actually be cheaper than buying the whole camera. If you want a naked GoPro, this is way more convenient as you won’t have to spend time taking the camera apart.

Check out my tutorials on Naked GoPro 6, and Naked GoPro 8.

Main Board + Lens Module  = Working GoPro

Hero 6:

Hero 8:

These two components are all you need to make a working GoPro!

AliExpress seems to be main place you can get GoPro spare parts from. I bought two hero 6 main boards and 3 camera sensor modules from there, all working as expected. Shipping to the UK took about 2 weeks, so it’s not too bad.

Hero 6 Logic Board

Hero 6 Logic Board

Hero 8 Logic Board

Hero 8 Logic Board

Hero 6 Lens Module

Hero 6 Lens Module

You might want to put it in a case, like the BetaFPV GoPro Lite case for the Hero 6. These cases also come with BEC board which makes powering them straightforward.

For the Hero 8, there’s the URUAV/NamelessRC case:

What Else You Might Need?


It’s useful having the back touch screen, you can use it to change camera settings, check if the main board and lens module are working correctly, and you need the screen to get the WiFi password to use the phone APP.

You can get a spare touch screen from tearing down a GoPro, or you can get it as spare part. The touch screen and buttons can be reused for your other Naked GoPro’s:

Here is a pin-out of the GoPro Hero 6 main board, and how to connect the touch screen.

And here’s the pinout of the Hero 8 and connector for the touch screen:

If you’ve never owned a decased GoPro before, maybe you should tear one down first, then you’d have the screen and buttons. But of course you can just bought the spare parts, it’s up to you.

Edit History

  • Jul 2020 – article created
  • Apr 2021 – updated product links for Hero 8

15 thoughts on “Making a GoPro from Spare Parts – Cheaper and Easier?

  1. alan mccluskey

    Cc la fleche made a hero 6 internal to a quad, i wish he had kept pics to document it, would really love to have a gopro with the protection of the frame.

  2. babipsylon

    Anyone else who started from spare parts without ability to switch to English ( Chinese?)
    My guess is that the English language is not part of my firmware, as I can set it to English via the go pro app, but nothing happens. It’s already on 1.6 so another update file to 1.6 does not seem to run from the sd card.
    Only solution for that is to go to 2.1 and go back to 1.6 with the english language pack as part of the firmware, I guess?… Meer weergeven

  3. Dani

    So, maybe a stupid question but I couldn’t find the answer. When you order one of those boards does it comes with a firmware on it, no programming needed?just plug and play?

    Thanks for your tutorials Oscar!

    Cheers from Spain

  4. Emmett S

    Weird quesion, but do you think i can build a hero 5 black, and then using enough vibration dampening have similar results? if not do you think i could use a hero 5 lens on the 6, just cause its almost 40$ cheaper.

  5. Technicus fpv

    So what if prices went up, it’s natural when demands are higher.
    I did not know about this option before i read this article.
    Thank you for so many valuable advices Oscar.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Jesper

    I have a broken gopro hero 7 black with dead mainboard.

    Can I use a hero 6 mainboard and keep screen and use with hero 6?

    1. Oscar Post author

      I’ve never tried this myself, I’ve heard the Gyro sensors are in different modules between 6 and 7 and that might cause issues when using Reelsteady. Not 100% sure really.

  7. Phil

    damn it, he showed how to do it, increased demand, and now you have to pay a few bucks more. next time, there should be no article about this at all, so that noone knows about it! solved!


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