Review: Matek F405 AIO Flight Controller

The Matek F405 AIO FC is a PDB-integrated flight controller that is able to run 32K/32K with DShot1200 in Betaflight 3.2.

You can get the Matek F405 AIO FC from:

Learn about the basics of mini quad flight controllers in this article.

UPDATE (Dec 2017): The Matek F4 AIO has been updated to the Matek CTR FC.

What’s Special about the Matek F405 AIO?

The Matek F405 OSD FC with separate PDB combo has been a great success, everyone I’ve talked to who have been using this FC gave me positive feedback. The Matek F405 AIO is basically combining this combo into a single board. It would be interesting to see if this newer FC can keep up the same reputation.

Feature wise, it’s one of the top AIO FC’s out there.

The Matek F405 AIO FC supports 32K/32K(PID loop, Gyro sampling rate) with DShot1200 in Betaflight 3.2

It has 5 UART’s and VCP is also available which means it won’t occupy one of the UART’s when connected to USB. However you still do have to do the “inversion” hack for Smart Port.

There are 6 PWM (motor) outputs which supports hexacopter configuration. The last 2 of the PWM output can also be turned into soft serial ports, for things such as Smart Port (without getting uninverted signal)

The solder pad layout is very easy to work with, however the XT60 connector is designed to stick out on the left or right. You would have to double check if this would work in your frame when planning.

For a full list of features please check the following specification.


  • F4, ICM20602 (SPI)
  • PDB integrated, rated for 120A continous, Supports 3S to 6S input voltage
  • Betaflight OSD (how to setup betaflight OSD)
  • BEC: 5V/2A, 9V/2A
  • SD card logger for Blackbox
  • 5 UART’s (including SBUS)
  • Built-in current sensor


This FC doesn’t come with a XT60 connector or pigtail. But I can’t really complain as it includes a 470uF capacitor for reducing electrical noise in the power, and 4 rubber bobbins (standoff) for FC soft-mounting. I currently don’t see other FC’s that offer these popular “must have” flight controller accessories.

Close Look

The holes in the tab that sticks out allows you to solder a XT60 female connector to it. However I personally recommend soldering a short electrical wires in between the tab and the XT60 connector. I have seen quite a few incidences where the tab broke off in crashes when the connector was “hard-soldered” on the tab.

Also not all frames can accommodate this tab so make sure you check the measurement when planning.

This board is designed to be mounted “side way”. As you can see when the USB port is facing left (or right but you’d have to remap the motor outputs) to allow easy USB access, the XT60 connector would be sticking out of the frame on the other side.

I have seen this design in some of Matek’s PDB, it works like a charm in certain frames (such as stretch X where there is a lot of room in between front and back props, GepRC LSX5), but doesn’t always work in all builds.

The BEC gives 9V output instead of the traditional 12V. The lower voltage can potentially help reduce the heat generate in your VTX/Camera. But make sure your VTX/Camera can actually be powered by 9V when planning.

Another thing is the SD card logger that is located on the other side of the USB port. The SD card has nothing to rest on, like the Betaflight F3 where uses an SMD inductor as support for the card. This might make finding the slot and inserting the card a little bit more challenging especially in a tight build.


What Betaflight firmware target to select/use when flashing the Matek F405?

There is no available firmware stable release for the 3.1.7 or older. For now you’d have to download the firmware file from Matek’s page and use “load firmware local” in BF Chrome App to flash your boards. Hopefully the target for these boards will be available in the 3.2 stable release.

I have problem flashing the board… It just get stuck during the process.

if you get stuck during flashing, make sure you’ve disabled “Full erase” and flash again.When it’s done, go straight to the CLI and type “defaults” then <enter>. This will erase all your settings, same having “Full erase” selected before flashing.

The quad responds the wrong direction to my roll/pitch stick movement

Set yaw offset to 270. If the problem persists, try to flash new firmware with “Full chip erase” enabled, or try to flash cleanflight then back to Betaflight, this will help make sure all the settings are reset.



Other AIO FC

For a comparison between different AIO boards (PDB+FC), check out this list I made:

SmartPort on SoftSerial Not working?

Tried setting all UART pads as soft serial to for the inverted SmartPort, but none of them work.

It turns out these pins won’t work, the only pins that would work for inverted SmartPort as soft serial are the S5 and S6 pins (motor 5 and motor 6).

  • Enable SoftSerial_TX on S5 or S6 pad
  • Type “resource motor 5 none” in CLI, ENTER
  • Type “resource serial_tx 11 A15” in CLI, ENTER
  • Connect the inverted telemetry signal to S5 pad
  • Then turn on telemetry and softserial, save and reboot
  • Set smartport on softserial 1,save and reboot

To learn more about soft serial here is my tutorial.

21 thoughts on “Review: Matek F405 AIO Flight Controller

  1. Neil Johnson

    Hi Oscar,

    I am looking to use the F405 wing in an autonomous wing project, and as it powers the servo I would like to use a quad ESC to power the single motor on the wing.

    Specifically, I want to power a C1 Chaser wing with a Cobra 2213/18 1250kv (3S) or 2213/22 1100kv (4S) via a Spedix ES 30 HV ESC. Either will most likely run an 8×5 prop.

    The reason I want to do this is for space and weight, as the equivalent plane ESC is much larger/heavier, and I don’t require the BEC, as the F405 will power the 2 little servos on this wing.

    My questions are:

    1. Can I somehow program prop braking (as opposed to breaking) onto this ESC? I don’t want to use a folding prop, and apparently the prop must be stopped on belly landing, as this model is known to snap spinning props. I’ve seen somewhere that Oneshot 125 slows the prop…is it an actual brake, and is the F405 wing controller Oneshot 125 compatible?

    2. Which of those 2 setups do you like for longer distance, possibly with larger Lion packs? The 3S or 4S?

    I would really appreciate your feedback on this matter.

    Cheers, Neil.

    1. Oscar Post author

      1. In BLHelisuite, there is an option “Brake on Stop”; and you want to disable active braking (Damped Light). It doesn’t matter what ESC protocol you use, it’s unrelated to active braking. ESC protocol compatibility is software dependant. If you are using iNav, then yes, it supports Oneshot.
      2. Best to check thrust data. But if i have to guess, I’d say 1250kv on 3s is more efficient – again just a guess.

  2. Kevin


    I am looking into the possibility of using the F405-AIO with a tricopter. I currently have the resources remapped to remove Motor-4 and assign Servo-1 in its place. (Resource C09) While this is pretty straightforward, there are a few things that I need advice on.

    *While the servos + & – will attach to the FC’s 5v BEC, the signal wires (yes there are two) BMS-210DMH Servo with Feedback wire. While it’s stated that the feedback wire is optional, I’d like to use it if possible. Do you have any suggestions as to where and how this can be used? (There’s next to no documentation from Matek on connecting servos)

    *The RCexplorer TRI-flight comes with Tailtune but unfortunately the Matek Hex does not. Furthermore, it appears that the TRI-flight hex files are not compatible with the F405’s. Do you think that this would flag an arm condition fault or would create an unstable yaw experience?

  3. Martin

    Does a fc board with XT60 directly soldered(or spaced with wire) on it will affect the board for the quad stability? I like board like this but I don’t really trust the way that the battery wire can add more unnecessary vibration on the board. On Banggood this board is sale with Anti-vibration Standoffs.

    1. Oscar Post author

      I am running a few quads with AIO FC where XT60 pigtail is soldered directly on the FC. I haven’t noticed any negative effect due to vibration coming through the battery wires.
      Just make sure you zip tie the XT60 pigtail to the frame, that will minimize the wire movement, and that will also relieve some of the strain from the solder points.

  4. Nicky

    I’m planning getting one of these but my friend had the first realease and eventually got fed up and opted for two part setup!
    How are everyone getting on with them now?
    Also how are people getting on with the matek

  5. George

    Just updated to Betaflight 3.2 and when I power the board from the USB port, the blue status
    light is blinking continuously.

    Any ideas?

    1. Wes

      I just got me one and have learned a lot about it since so thought I might add for flashing issues I had to update the driver. I used this YouTube video and it worked like a charm

      The only other thing I wanted to mention is there is a lot of talk about the yaw twitches with this board and I found a fix that worked for me at least and that is setting the ESC’s to 48khz PWM Frequency in BLheli Suite. The rest is pretty well covered and the manual that Maytek has on their website is very useful for setting up all the goodies.

      1. Josepdlf

        Hi, how you set th PWM Frequency to 48khz in Blheli suite? I cannot fint the option to do this. I have yaw twitches also even with capcitors on every single ESCs.

        Thanks in advance.

      1. Oscar Post author

        there will be a command in CLI for it. The risk is extra current draw and CPU overheat.

      2. Chris Young

        32k and 16k is the fastest you can run now without driving the processor to 100%. Hopefully the fully baked version of 3.2 will fix this.

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