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Outlook – This Operation Has Been Cancelled Due To Restrictions

A user was unable to click on any hyper-link (URL) in an e-mail and she got this error message: “This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.” Login as a different user still gave me the same error, so obviously it’s a local PC issue. This seems to be a very common problem on Windows 7 and Windows XP machines with outlook 2010 and outlook 2013.

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Should We Overclock? | Computer CPU Processor Overclocking OC

What is OverClocking?

Type OverClock in Google, you will get this clear definition:

run (the processor of one’s computer) at a speed higher than that intended by the manufacturers.

By either hardware or software means, you can set your CPU and memory to run at the speed faster than specified. But when overclocking is done inappropriately, it might result in damage to your hardware due to overheat or other reasons. Therefore if you do OC, you are doing it at your own risk, and it’s going to void your warranty.

In this post I will talk what I personally think about overclocking, should we do it, and what are the ways doing it.

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HP Printer Garbage Characters

A weird one, the printer was working the day before, and today it just prints garbage characters whatever you send to the printer. It works fine if printed from another computer, just this particular computer.

The solution for me was to choose a different printer driver. When I was having problems, I was using PCL6 Driver. There are people suggest PCL6 is dodgy and always cause problems. So I chose PCL5 instead, and it works like a charm.

Lync Certificate Error

Unable to login to Lync on a off-domain computer, getting some kind of certificate error.

I think setting up outlook fixes the issue because this install the required certificates from the domain CA server. Can we not instead just install the certificates? Usually you can visit http://%nameofmyCAserver%/certsrv to install certificates? These are installed automatically on domain machines but not non-domain machines over VPN. I think that’s the issue here.