Review: NamelessRC KababFPV Powerstick 3″ Micro Quad

I’ve always wanted a 3″ toothpick with 1303 motors, and finally someone sells this as a BNF so I don’t have to build it myself :) Enters the NamelessRC Powerstick!

According to the product page, the Powerstick is a joint design between NamelessRC and KababFPV.

If you are not familiar with the Toothpick class of FPV drone, here is a introduction.

Where to Buy

Get it here:

The Powerstick comes with the following accessories, a very modest package :D

  • a set of props
  • two battery straps
  • fibre tape for the motor wires
  • stickers

Specs and Features

  • FC and ESC: NameLessRC AIO412T board
  • Motor: AMAX 1303 4800KV (5000KV)
  • Prop: Gemfan 3016 3-blade
  • VTX: NameLessRC Nano400 VTX
  • Camera: Runcam Nano2
  • Supported Lipo: 3S~4S
  • Frame Wheelbase: 110mm
  • Weight: 64g w/o battery, 105g with 3S 450mAh

Close Look at the Nameless Powerstick

The quad is pretty light at 64g without battery, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Camera angle can be adjusted easily.

FC USB port is easy to access.

The screws that are holding the canopy are on the bottom, which is kind of an interesting approach.

Removing the canopy reveals the electronics. The FPV camera and VTX are fitted inside the canopy.

The FC and ESC’s are on a single board, it is a very light weight and compact setup, but the ESC is only rated for 12A, so you might not want to overload it with bigger motors or heavier props.

Unlike many other “toothpick” FC boards that have integrated SPI radio receivers, the NamelessRC board doesn’t, and uses an external receiver. There are many receiver options you can choose from when buying the Powerstick: Flysky, Crossfire, DSMX, Frsky or without receiver.

The one I have here is the Frsky version, which I believe is a 3rd party receiver, not made by Frsky. The RX is absolutely tiny, it has a single antenna and runs D8 protocol (FCC). Although the range is better than those integrated SPI receivers, it’s not particularly great either, maybe only 300-400m. For most people, this is more than enough, I am just being picky. If you want to fly further than that you might want to get the Crossfire version.

I am most interested in the motors – this is the first time I ever tried 1303 motors. I might do a thrust comparison between these and 1204 and 1105 motors if there’s any interest.

In a nutshell, the number 13 indicates the stator width while 03 is the stator height. The wider stator means the motor should have better torque and control feel at the lower half of the throttle stick compared to 1204 and 1105, while being relatively more power efficient.

If you want to learn more about motors, here is a FPV drone motor buyer’s guide.

At the moment 1303 motor is still a rare option on the market, you can’t get these Amax 1303 motors very easily if you want replacement AFAIK.

These motors have 2mm motor shaft, bigger than the 1.5mm shaft on the 1105, 1106 and 1204 motors. When shopping for propellers, make sure you get the right hole diameter :)

It doesn’t come with any propeller mounting screws, so I assume it doesn’t need them (the official product photos don’t have them either). It’s super easy to change out props, you just need to pop them on :) However it is a little bit loose, I can twist the props by hand, but that doesn’t seem to cause any issue yet, maybe because this quad is so light. If you are putting anything extra on it like a Naked GoPro, you might want to consider using prop screws :)

The quad is running “props out” configurations and I wasn’t aware of this when taking the photos, so I put them on reversed by mistake :)

The recommended propellers are the Gemfan 3016×3 Hurricane, make sure you get the ones with 2mm holes:

There’s no battery pad included, I think they forgot to put that in the box. I’d strongly recommend getting some to stick under the bottom plate. Get the Ummagrip, it’s way better than what they give you.

Ummagrip battery pads:

The specs state that you can use 4S on this quad, but personally I’d stick with 3S just to be safe, and it’s powerful enough for me :) This is the 3S 450mAh I use, and this 4S 450mAh should be a great choice too:

Powerstick Setup

I love how everything else is pre-configured out of the box, including PID and filter settings. They even setup RPM filters, very impressive! I believe it’s running JazzMaverick firmware.

Betaflight was mostly set up for you, I just had to bind it to the radio, setup the switches for arming/beeper/turtle mode, and change the OSD layout. That’s it, it was ready for first flight.

To bind the receiver, first you have to remove the canopy, and hold down the bind button on the receiver, while powering on the receiver (either by inserting the LiPo, or the USB cable to the flight controller).

Unlock VTX

The only annoying thing about setting up the Powerstick is the need to unlock the VTX. By default it’s limited to 25mW and channels between 5733-5866MHZ. We shouldn’t really blame them because they are just following the regulations.

In order to use more VTX channels and increase output power (up to 400mW), you first have to unlock it.

  • To unlock the VTX, go to Betaflight OSD menu, Features, VTX TR (it’s using Tramp protocol)
  • Within 30 seconds of powering up the VTX, enable and disable PIT mode three times (or more)
  • The 3 LED’s on the VTX will flash one by one if the VTX is successfully unlocked
  • Re-power the VTX after this


Big thumbs up to the Betaflight setup, RPM filtering and PID tuning. To me, the stock tune is just as important as hardware quality. This shows how much effort they put into the developing and testing the product.

And because of the great tuning, indeed the quad flies amazingly well! Super smooth and responsive, and it’s surprisingly quiet too.

The Powerstick is a great 3″ toothpick you can just buy off the shelf without soldering a single wire :) which is what I prefer nowadays as I am getting older and lazier :)

Get the NamelessRC Powerstick here:

Make sure to grab the following spare parts too :)


Propellers – Gemfan 3016×3 (make sure 2mm holes)

Ummagrip battery pad

2 thoughts on “Review: NamelessRC KababFPV Powerstick 3″ Micro Quad

  1. daich

    I’d be interested in a comparison between 1303, 1204 and 1105
    i find it interesting that 1105 have the greatest stator volume at 475mm^3 and 1204 have 452mm^3 and 1303 have 398mm^3
    stator volume is only one factor in a motor though but generally it correlates with battery draw


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