Naze32 PID Effects and Tuning on Quadcopter

Just like many other flight controller, when tuning PID I always start with P, then I, and lastly D. Sometimes I go back and find tune P and I, as D changes the effect P and I it has on the quadcopter. The concept of PID has been explained a few times in my previous post, and previous previous post. The Naze32 works pretty well straight out of the box, on my mini quad with stock PID. I did changed a few CLI parameters, before I start playing around with PID.

In this video I tried flying in acro mode all the way with default PID settings. The result is as good as expected, pretty smooth and almost jello free. I could probably reduce P and I a bit more, and increase D.

In this video, I basically use the following PID as the starting point, increase and decrease P to see the effect it has on the quadcopter. I also change I at the end to see what happen. I didn’t change D in this video. I also compared the video quality when flying with horizon mode (self-level), and rate mode (acro mode).

Remember you can only tune your Roll, Pitch, Yaw PID under “Rate Mode”, known as “Acro Mode” in KK2. Only when this is tuned you can move on to self level mode (Horizon/Angle Mode), and tune your ‘Level’ PID there.

A recent video

14 thoughts on “Naze32 PID Effects and Tuning on Quadcopter

  1. Alex M.

    Hi Oscar,

    First, thank you for the blog, huge help in building my first drone.

    I am all over the place with my PID tuning. One day I get it locked in, then I go out the next day and it is so sensitive that as soon as it gets in the air and tries to autocorrect anything it plumes to the ground violently.

    I tune P and I, up and down, but it still is erratic and violent some times, making it unflyable.
    I have noticed that my P is very very sensitive and low (like between 1.9 and 2.9) the other day if I went up or down .1 from 2.9 it could not level and became erratic.

    I am wondering if I am just not running it correctly, or if the flight controller is bad, or if there is something else I am over looking.

    Ive had it up and flying stable a few times, so I know it is capable, but then out of nowhere it will correct hard pitch left or right or just become violent and fall out of the air.

    Please advise if you have any ideas.


    Alex M.

    1. Alex M

      Update, still being very erratic after about a 10-20s hover. All looks good taking off, up in the air for 10-20s then it twitches badly and rolls right every time, directly into the ground. P: 3.0 I: 0.011 D: 10.0 (I know these are relative, but there they are).

      I pushed the P very high, saw the high frequency oscillations, brought it down, did the same with I until it looked pretty locked in, but still having a seizure after this 10-20s delay. (only thing I can think is that it is reacting to a very gentle gust of wind… But I am running out of ways to tune it)

      Thanks for any light you can shed on the matter.


  2. artis kendrick jr

    “Hi Oscar”I can not get my storm drone to do bank turns.I am using a devo 7 radio.Everytime when I try it the drone flys to the ground.I tried various setup on the radio and the quad but nothing worked.

  3. Will

    Hi Oscar,
    I have a naze32 and running clean flight 1.11.0. I have calibrated my accelerometer and all my trims are centred, all the PID settings are default, props are not balanced yet.
    I throttled up for the first time and it instantly went forward and right so I had to land. Then a bit later when I was just holding the quad and throttling up, motor 3 started to twitch. Cycled power and it stopped. What’s could be the problem?
    P.s How do I assign auto tune to a switch? When I go on the flight modes tab it is not at the bottom.

  4. James

    Hi having trouble getting my 250 quad to hover it is very shaky have tried different props and messed around with the P values which helped a little any suggestions?

  5. Mike

    It could be caused vibration (unbalanced props). I have a wobbly motor (new one is on order) and it causes the Naze32 to go spastic sometimes on the yaw azis.

  6. Marcelo

    Hi Oscar,

    How do you choose your PID controller? I understand different PID controllers are different processing algorithms. Just very confused as I cannot find much documentation anywhere about this topic.


    1. Oscar Post author

      Hi Marcelo, you mean Flight controller?
      Generally speaking, the algorithm they use are more or less the same, maybe a bit different, but it’s not very noticeable in flight performance.
      But note that there are now two popular platforms, one runs on 8-bit architecture, and one uses 32-bit. 32-bit flight controllers fly better in my opinion, because the calculations are more precise, and faster.
      Depends on what functionality you want, some FC provides GPS, some are designed for acrobatics, some have built-in screen for easy setup…. PID is probably the last thing you would consider when choosing a FC.


      1. Marcelo

        I really meant PID controller.

        Saw your recent article about it and also some information added to the cleanflight docs.

        Trying my two quads with PID controller 1.

      2. Darryn

        Hi Oscar,

        I am completely new to quads (I do fly helis) and also not sure which PID controller to use or start with (MultiWii, Rewrite, LuxFloat, MultiWii23, MultiWiiHybrid or Harakiri).

        I currently have my quad setup and flying, but need to start tuning.
        Any advice on a good starting point?

        Thank you for a great quad resource. :-)

      3. Oscar Post author

        Rewrite is pretty good – PiD controller 1.
        the range of values are larger, so it’s easier to fine tune.
        flight characteristics is also good, very smooth.

  7. Ruben

    Hi there

    I’ve been using this blog as a reference for setting up my acro on a 250 size quad. It seems to hover fine but I have an odd issue. In fast forward (or backward flight) the quad rotates about 45-90 * on the yaw axis. Basically I put it in acro mode and feed some forward pitch and throttle to see how it flies in a straight line without much input from me and what I see is that about 25 feet away the quad rotates about !

    Stock setting except yaw rate of about .7 and rc rate of 1.25

    any ideas ?

    thank you

    1. Oscar Post author

      The problem could be:
      1. your radio yaw stick is not trimmed centre
      2. problem with the Naze32
      3. problem with your motor/ESC

      Make sure you have you all sticks centre, you can check this in the BaseFlight GUI.
      If problem still happening, swap out the Naze32 with another FC, KK2, or another Naze32.

      let me know what happen.


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