November Sale: Top Discounted FPV Products on Banggood

by Oscar
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This week I went through Banggood’s FPV product catalog and handpicked the following products, which I asked for special coupons to share with you guys. I hope you find these deals useful! This post is sponsored by Banggood.

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. I receive a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you make a purchase after clicking on one of these affiliate links. This helps support the free content for the community on this website. Please read our Affiliate Link Policy for more information.

GEPRC Cinelog 25 V2

Geprc Cinelog25 V2 Cinewhoop Weight

Get 8% off the Cinelog25 V2 from Banggood using coupon BG581a41 (exp 11/30):

The GEPRC Cinelog25 V2 has been upgraded with the DJI O3 Air Unit that captures stunning 4K footage and offers versatile battery support. Its durable build, user-friendly design, and stable flight performance make it ideal for indoor aerial cinematography and enjoyable flying experiences. While its prop guards’ durability may be a concern for aggressive flights, it’s a solid choice for those under 250g drones. For more info:

SpeedyBee F405 V4 FC Stack

Speedybee F405 V4 Fc Esc Stack

The Speedybee F405 V4 stack is on sale this month on Banggood:

The SpeedyBee F405 V4 Flight Controller Stack is a noteworthy upgrade from its V3 version, offering enhanced features and build quality at an affordable price.

It includes a new gyro for cleaner data, an improved SD card reader for glitch-free blackbox logs, full DShot support in iNav, and enhanced BEC outputs. The stack is compatible with both digital and analog systems and comes with wireless configuration capability. Its improved 4-in-1 ESC, with a 55A rating and heat management features, adds to its reliability.

It’s an excellent choice for various applications, from freestyle flying to long-range explorations, making it a versatile and value-packed option for drone enthusiasts. Learn more about this stack here:

T-MOTOR VELOX V3 V2207 Motor

T Motor Velox V3 V2207 1750kv Motor

The T-Motor Velox V3 2207 is on sale this month on Banggood:

At $14.9 a piece, the Velox V2207 V2/V3 is perhaps the cheapest worth having FPV drone motor you can buy today while most other motors are priced over $20.

The Velox is a budget offering from T-Motor with modern design and features: N52 magnets, titanium shaft and manufactured by the reputable T-Motor. They offer different KV options, for cinematic and long range flying, 1750KV is great on 6S. For racing or more aggressive freestyle flying, consider 1950KV-2050KV. For 4S battery, opt for 2550KV.

Learn more about motors here:


Hglrc M100 Mini Gps Bottom

The M100 Mini GPS is on sale this month on Banggood:

The HGLRC M100 Mini GPS is a top-performing, lightweight module with a tiny form factor. Outperforming the good old BN220, it works out of the box, and uses the advanced UBlox M10 chip, supporting GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BDS satellite signals for global functionality.

With a similar price to the BN220, it’s the go-to choice for 5″ freestyle quad or even smaller drone builds. Compatible with Betaflight 4.3 and later, it obtains a 3D fix within a minute and connects up to 28 satellites in 5 minutes in my testing. It’s smaller than the BN220 and BN180. Learn more about the latest GPS here:

Vifly Finder V2 Buzzer

The Vifly Finder V2 is on sale this month on Banggood:

The ViFly Finder beeper is a self-powered buzzer designed for FPV drones, ideal for locating a crashed drone even if the battery is ejected or drained. It features a tiny built-in LiPo battery, enabling the buzzer to beep loudly (up to 105dB) for up to 7 to 30 hours. The Finder also functions as a regular beeper, controllable by a switch on the user’s controller.

There are two versions of the ViFly Finder, The V2 is 5g and has a larger battery that can run up to 30 hours, while the Mini weighs only 3g with only 7 hours of battery life. The V2 also features a light sensor that turns off the beeper at night to conserve battery (assuming we don’t search for the quad at night). Learn more about this product here:

Jumper T20S Radio

Jumper T20 T20s Radio Transmitter Hand Hold Folded Antenna

Get $20 off the T20S from Banggood using coupon BG0cf64d (exp 11/30):

The Jumper T20S radio transmitter offers the functionality of a full-sized radio in an impressively compact form. It offers a blend of best features cherry-picked from Jumper’s previous models. It sports advanced technology, including an internal ExpressLRS module, and comes pre-installed with the popular EdgeTX firmware.

What sets the T20S apart is its versatility. It has full-sized gimbals along with an array of 10 switches, 6 sliders, and 6 flight mode buttons. This ensures it suits both multirotor pilots and those flying planes. Its ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip, and its weight is more manageable than full-sized competitors.

Battery life is impressive, with up to 14 hours of runtime. Despite a few minor shortcomings like slow charging and absence of a gimbal protector, the T20S offers exceptional value, making it highly recommendable for both beginners and seasoned pilots. Build quality and gimbal quality might not be the best, but for $110 it still makes a great deal. Learn more about this radio here:

HOTA D6 Pro LiPo Charger

Get price down to $103.99 on the HOTA D6 Pro from Banggood using coupon BG3c88da (exp 11/30):

The HOTA D6 Pro charger had been the go-to charger for many thanks to its excellent balance between value and performance. While it’s been proven to be a reliable charger, it’s falling behind other newer options in terms of features. But if you just want a charger that works, it’s still a strong contender.

Featuring dual output channels, it functions like two independent chargers, enabling you to charge different voltage or battery types simultaneously. The built-in AC power supply eliminates the need for an external power supply initially. However, the 100W per channel limit may require a more powerful external power supply (650W or higher) through the DC input to fully utilize its potential.

Learn more about chargers here:

Hope you find these sales interesting. Let me know if there’re other products you want to get discount on and I will see what I can do in the next one.

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Markus 12th November 2023 - 9:48 am

same for me. Price increases when adding the coupon instead of becoming cheaper :-(

Crawler 11th November 2023 - 1:35 pm

Hey, do you have a blog about digital to analog or digital to analog? And AliExpress has a grate sale at the moment.

BF306 8th November 2023 - 12:38 am

Jumper t20 2.4 Hall comes up as $115.99 when I add the $20 coupon it changes the price to $125.99. One of the reasons I can’t stand Bangood.

Oscar 8th November 2023 - 9:52 am

i will ask them and see what happened, will update the coupon if necessary.

Markus 12th November 2023 - 8:16 am

same for me. When adding the coupon, the price increases a lot instead of becoming cheaper :-(

Oscar 12th November 2023 - 8:21 am

I checked with Banggood and they told me there’s a region requirement apparently.