Review – NUKE FC – Smallest Brushed Flight Controller

by Oscar

Nuke FC is probably one of the smallest F3 brushed flight controller out there at the moment. It’s tiny yet packed with great features and powerful FETs.

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The Nuke FC is available from FuriousFPV.

This is a quick overview of the flight controller. Because it’s quite picky about the receiver, I would have to wait until I find a suitable SBUS micro RX and put it in a quad.



Closer Look at the NUKE

  • Smallest F3 FC for brushed micro quads (20mm x 20mm)
  • 4x powerful FET – 6.3A each
  • Built-in LC filter for FPV
  • 5V and 3.3V output – 5V rated for 1A current
  • It’s F3 with MPU6000 using SPI BUS, maximizing performance!
  • It can be used on inductrix/tiny whoop/E010, or bigger 7mm (motor) and 8.5mm builds
  • Supports SBUS telemetry, allows you to setup voltage warning on TX

Comparing to the size of EVO Brushed F3 board (on the left in the picture below), the Nuke is considerably smaller, but with limited access to features, for example only have 1 UART port, no buzzer port, no RGB LED support.


The Nuke FC comes with “Pico” battery connectors soldered on, the same type of connectors you see on the Inductrix (on the right on the picture below). Personally I prefer LOSI (on the left) for larger brushed quads as they have higher current rating and more durable.


Lastly, the NUKE FC has 4 FET’s (therefore only support quadcopters), but not 6 FET’s as they originally mentioned in their prototype board.

Things To Improve

There are a few things I think they can improve on this board.

  • It uses motor connectors, and doesn’t have motor solder pads, might be difficult for those who upgrade from Scisky/Evo Brushed, where solder pads are used. Also some people prefer solder pads for weight saving. Maybe it would make sense to leave the connector unsoldered, and let the users decide
  • The Nuke requires external RX, and only support Spektrum Sat and Frsky SBUS. Availability of these RX is rare. I wish they could allow PPM type of RX for Taranis users
  • Many prefer LOSI battery connectors on 8.5mm size micro quads. Again, maybe provide LOSI connector option in the package, and leave the battery connector unsoldered

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PRGeno 22nd November 2016 - 10:36 pm

I have both FCs but only have the Nuke currently in a running quad. The Nuke is very nice, but a little difficult to work with due to the motor connectors taking up so much space.

The F3 Evo should be able to handle FrSky telemetry with a compatible FrSky receiver using UART2 TX, which is the same way the Nuke is doing it.

Ariel 17th November 2016 - 4:05 pm

For the Telemetry option which is not available in the Evo board I think that’s a winner