New Feature in OpenTX 2.3.10: RXNUM – Receiver Number for Crossfire

In the latest OpenTX they added “model match” to Crossfire, i.e. RXNUM which is basically a number you can assign to a model before binding the receiver, this allows the model profile on your radio can only control a particular receiver.

If you are like me, using only one model profile on the radio to control all your drones and wings (because they are all using the same type of radio receiver and setup the same way) instead of having individual profile for each model, you probably don’t want to use “model match”.

In this case, just make sure RXNUM is set to 0 (zero) which is the default value.

If you want to use model match, you can set RXNUM to any number other than 0, and make sure that number is not used in other model profiles if you don’t want other profiles to control this particular model.

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