Picking a Quadcopter Gift – RC Drone

Christmas is coming and people start to ask me what quadcopter (RC drone) they should buy for Christmas gifts in 2017. In this guide I will cover the important factors in choosing great drones as presents, and I will also provide you with a few ideas and recommendation.

What to consider when picking a quadcopter as gift?

I have been flying drones for a few years now and I love helping people get into this wonderful hobby. This guide will help you decide and buy your first drone for yourself, or for someone else :)

How much does it cost?

Expensive models come with more features, but some cheaper ones we recommend in this article also perform very well. Depending on what you are after, you can get some pretty good deals for as cheap as $13!

It must be crash resilient

For beginners, it’s inevitable to crash their drone many times before mastering the piloting skills, therefore being crash-resistant is very important!

As someone’s first drone, having propeller guard can be extremely useful, because it protects the propellers (obviously), and whatever the drone hits.

Get something that works out of the box

The quadcopter you buy should come with all the necessary accessories to fly, such as battery, radio controller, propellers.

If it needs anything extra, it should state so in the product description, so please read it carefully.

FPV capability is a great bonus!

Flying a drone by looking at it is fun (what we call “line of sight” flying), but it’s a whole different and better experience when flying a drone by using an onboard camera and looking through the VR Glasses (goggles), and see what the drone sees! This type of quadcopter are called “FPV drones”

A drone that has FPV capability usually costs more because of the extra hardware.

Drone Racing, where to start?

If you know someone trying to get into drone racing, or just want to fly a drone in general, I have written a guide on the subject: the basics of drone and how to get started. Feel free to share the article with them to learn more.

My Recommendation!

Please get your order placed as soon as possible because stock don’t tend to last, and to avoid delay in delivery due to the busy Christmas period.

Simple Drones Without Camera

These drones come with radio transmitter and one battery, so you can fly them straight out of the box. You might want to buy some spare batteries too.

Eachine H8 $13 Banggood

Spare batteies for the Eachine H8: https://www.banggood.com/5PCS-Eachine-H8-Mini-H8-3D-Battery-3_7V-260mAh-RC-Quadcopter-Spare-Parts-p-987893.html

Here is our review and comparison of the H8 micro quad.

Eachine E011  $16 Banggood

Spare Batteries for E011: http://bit.ly/2zOUJVS

The cool thing about the E011, is that it’s upgradable. You can buy extra parts to turn it into an FPV capable drone. I will show you how in this guide (I was using the older version E010 but they are very similar quadcopters, they are just using different motors and canopy)

FPV Capable Micro Drones

These two are pretty good deals, they come with everything you need to start flying in FPV, even including the FPV Goggle!

Eachine E103 $66 Banggood

Spare batteries for the E013: http://bit.ly/2mDz4ea

Eachine Q90C $88 Banggood

Spare batteries for the Q90C: https://www.banggood.com/Eachine-Flyingfrog-Q90-Micro-FPV-Racing-Quadcopter-Spare-Parts-2S-7_4V-350mah-30C-Lipo-Battery-p-1131609.html

Update (19 Nov 2017): I am so sorry, these two products were both sold out very quickly, so I had a another look and I think there are still some other good options.

The E010C is a very good value model as it comes with a camera and video transmitter. However it doesn’t come with an FPV Goggle so you would have to buy that separately.

Eachine E010C
$36 Banggood

Spare batteries for the E013: http://bit.ly/2mDz4ea

The QX95 might seem a bit more pricey because it comes with a pretty good radio transmitter that you can use on a bigger race quad. In the long run you can save money if you plan to build a drone in the future.

Eachine QX95
$109 Banggood

Spare Batteries for the QX95: http://bit.ly/2Adp4Ov

Here is a review of the QX95.

These two models don’t come with a FPV Goggle, and you need buy it separately in order to fly FPV.

The Eachine EV800 is basic yet popular Goggle, but it’s definitely a better product than the one that is included in the Eachine E103 and Q90C.

Eachine EV800 $55 Banggood

Serious Drone Racer

For someone who has already owned a drone before, you might want to consider something more powerful and higher quality.

HolyBro Kopis 1 Racing Drone $300 Banggood

The Kopis 1 is my favourite pre-built racing drone so far, check out my review of the Holybro Kopis 1 Racing Drone.

Camera Drone

The DJI Mavic Pro is probably one of the most versatile drones for taking professional aerial footage. The image quality is excellent, and it’s extremely portable thanks to the foldable arms.

DJI Mavic Pro

$1299 Banggood

Here is our review of the Mavic Pro.

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  1. Edward W. Edwards

    It flys very well but I bought this for the headless mode so it would be easier for my daughter to fly. I have tried several times to get it inti headless mode and all I can get is a bunch of beeping from the remote that wont stop. The instructions for headless mode are not good or mine doesnt work right.


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