PID controller 3, 4 and 5 in CleanFlight – Part TWO

CleanFlight PID Controller 3, 4 and 5

New PID controllers (PC) have been added to the Cleanflight (CF) firmware. We discussed the three PID controllers 1, 2 and 3 in Part one. This post is part of the Cleanflight setup guide.

However, 3 more PC’s was just added to CF literally just a few hours ago (29 Jan, 2015). I am sure not many people has used them yet including myself. I will update this post again when we have conclusion how these PC performs.

PID Controller 3 – MultiWii23

This is a direct port of of Multiwii 2.3 algorithm.

The algorithm is handling roll and pitch differently to yaw. Users with problems on yaw authority should try this one.

PID Controller 4 – MultiWiiHybrid

This is combination of MW2.2 and MW2.3. Roll and pitch is using the MultiWii 2.2 algorithm and yaw is using the 2.3 algorithm.

PID Controller 5 – Harakiri

This PID controller is a port from Harakiri firmware.

Here is the CF official documentation.

4 thoughts on “PID controller 3, 4 and 5 in CleanFlight – Part TWO

  1. chris

    Hi Oscar
    I thought it would be good to let people know that you can save different PID versions to profiles 1,2,or3 and easily swap between them using stick commands, so that you can try the different versions back to back.
    Link to stick commands guide
    when you use the stick commands, it beeps once for profile 1, twice for profile 2 and three times for profile three.

  2. SinFulNard

    Hi Oscar,

    I think you need to update your PID controller titles on this page.

    PID Controller 4 = MultiWiiHybrid
    PID Controller 5 = Harakiri


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