FPV Flight Tasklist | Things to do The Night Before

by Oscar

Here is a check list of what preparation I do before my FPV flight day with my quadcopter. Just spent two mins on this will keep expending/adding stuff to it.

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  • Charge Main LiPo Batteries
    • I parallel charge, so I first check individual pack voltage, make sure the difference is within safe range (0.1V-0.2V difference)
  • Charge Ground station LiPo
  • Charge TX battery
  • Charge GoPro and Mobius (my back up camera)
  • Check prop stock
    • if using new props, balance them first
    • for gemfan 5030, has to drill the hole bigger to fit my cobra motor shaft
  • Check Quadcopter is flying fine
    • check FPV system (VTX, Camera, OSD) is operating fine
    • check lost plane buzzer is working
  • Check we have tools (plier, screw drivers, hex allen key, scissors, battery voltage checker),
  • Enough spare (motor/frame screws, prop adapters, cable tie)


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