Quadcopter Flies unstable and flips – troubleshoot and fix

by Oscar

I had a problem with my quadcopter being very unstable and occasionally flip on take-off. It is flyable but is very difficult to hover. Someone suggested that I should check the PID settings. However whatever I tried all possible PID values and nothing seems to work so I doubt if that’s the problem.

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If I have this problem I would try using a different flight controller, to rule out the variables of hardware issue. If any flight controller gives the same result, I can then move onto troubleshooting the hardware. If one flight controller works, then it’s probably the software or PID settings.

To troubleshoot this instability problem with hardware, I first use the GUI as a diagnostic tool, making sure my Gyros and ACC works correctly and the numbers and 3D model is matching up to the corresponding movements. I also check out the Radio control input being correct as well.

If everything is correct so far, I move onto the motor, listen to the noise and vibrations when they are running, and make sure the shafts are straight.(same with props etc). It could be possible that the motors might have bad bearings and they are properly balanced, same for the propellers as well. Bad motors or damaged bearing will likely to cause the quadcopter to be unstable. You can confirm this if you have a watt meter, that damaged motor will be working harder and pull more amps than the rest. Also will get warmer faster. Small chance that its slightly damaged and wont do this, but since any drag will slow it down, I would replace it. Then move on to the frame, make sure every slot is seated and everything lock tied and tight.This would pretty much cover all aspects of the hardware.

That’s pretty much I would do to check my hardware. Re-calibrate the sensors and try to tune the PID values settings again. It’s also always good to have spare motors, and frame, to replace and try again.

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Jef Pike 6th April 2019 - 6:58 am

Are you flying with air-mode turned on?If so you should just disarm your quad right before touching the ground when landing or touching the ground makes your quad freakout..

Steve 6th June 2018 - 5:02 pm

6” quad flies great in air mode, tuning seems great, however when I touch the ground to land it freaks out and does a flip of death. I’ve tried enabling active braking and made sure esc was setup right and using dshot 600

Muhammad Asim 14th May 2017 - 12:32 pm

We have used KK2 flight controller in our flying vehicle which resembles to a quad copter in operations , We have done all of its possible settings , still our vehicle is not properly balancing , what’s the possible issue and what we should do ?

Aric 19th March 2017 - 2:34 pm

My quadcopter is not able to take off vertically ,it is rotating on the ground. I am using kk2.1.5 board pls suggest what to do as I am new into making quads.

venkatesh 10th November 2016 - 12:30 pm

i hav built a dji quad copter with KK multicopter 2.0 after i finished the calibration i tried flying it but my quad is not flying in the air instead it is circulating on the ground. and also one of my motor seems to be work differently than the other. can you suggest any method to rectify, and also it is applying thrust on one direction n moving cross direction
i tried calibration a lot of times but it wasnt goinng saisfactory

indraveer singh 14th June 2016 - 10:22 am

i build a quadcopter, its not stable in the air, its moving in forward direction. and flying speed is too fast. please give your opinion about stable flight.
i have calibrated ESC and flashed kk2.1.5 with 1.19s1 pro .
i am using parts-
1400kv Brussels motor
8045 propellers
kk2.1.5 LCD flight control board
2200MAH LIPO 3S battery


Rene 25th May 2014 - 7:18 pm

Amazing issues here. I’m very glad to look your article.

Thank you so much and I am having a look ahead to touch you.
Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?