Review: Radiomaster “Sticky360” Stickends

by Oscar
Radiomaster Sticky360 Stickends Close Up

The Radiomaster Sticky360 stick ends are probably one of the cheapest worth having upgrade to your radio. They are great for both thumbers and pinchers.


Where to Buy?

Almost all radio gimbal sticks have either M3 or M4 threads, so make sure to check before making the purchase.
For example, the Radiomaster TX16S has M4 threads while the Zorro has M3 threads.

M3 Version (for Zorro and TX12):

Radiomaster Zorro Ag01 Mini Gimbals Install Sticky Stickends

M4 Version (for TX16S):

Radiomaster Sticky360 Stickends

There are 7 colors available: Red, Black, Silver, Gold, Purple, Blue and Green. When you get the AG01 Mini gimbals, they already comes with silver sticky360 stick ends.

Radiomaster Sticky360 Stickends M3 M4 Purple Black Gold Colors

What’s Special about Sticky360 Stick Ends?

The Sticky360 provides a much more solid grip than the stock stick ends on both Zorro and TX16S. The spikes on top aren’t as sharp as the ones that come with the AG01 gimbals – they are so sharp sometimes could leave marks on your thumb after a long day of flying.

The Sticky360 stick end is basically a cylinder, it’s got medium size spikes on top for your thumb and small size spikes on the sides for your index finger. As a hybrid pinchers myself, I absolutely love them. I think they are suitable for both thumbers and pinchers too. The shape of the Sticky360 stick ends reminds me of the Five33 Rip Sticks (MCK), which has been popular among FPV pilots.

Radiomaster Sticky360 Stickends Close Up

How Do I Know If I Will Like Them?

There’s no other way to tell other than giving it a try. Time yourself on your favourite track in an FPV simulator and see if you can beat your best time within a few tries, and you will know.

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Will 22nd April 2022 - 5:26 pm

Links are all bad as of 4/22/2022

Oscar 22nd April 2022 - 8:42 pm

just not in stock yet. But they are available on Radiomaster’s shop.