Raspberry Pi Arrived!

I have been talking about getting a Raspberry Pi Since Christmas, and I am finally holding it in my hands!

It’s could be pretty expensive just to buy all the basic accessories to get started (SD cards, HDMI cable etc..) The board is really small, just about the size of an Arduino UNO. It has two USB slots, HDMI, coaxial and stereo audio plugs and micro-USB for power, plus an ethernet jack. It’s a mini computer!

Right away I hooked up everything as I opened the box, and started playing around with it. I have to say, it took me almost the whole evening just to get it setup: updates, SSH, VNC, install other useful software… The good news is, once the system is setup everything will be stored on the SD card, and we can swap it to a different PI, and have a different SD card with different setup to be booted on this Raspberry Pi. That’s a very handy feature.

There are so many project I want to do with the Pi right now, but I think I will first get it to talk to the Arduinos first, and then move on to image processing, object recognition that kind of stuff.

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