Raspberry Pi Open Source Games Download and Install

by Oscar

Raspberry Pi Open Source Games

One of the reasons people would still want to use the expensive Windows over the free open source Linux is because there isn’t much games available on Linux. By introducing more raspberry pi open source games could encourage people to play and develop them.

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To make life easier, here is a list of open source games that should be able to play on the Raspberry Pi I found. Be aware that I haven’t got my Pi yet and not tested these games.

Quake 3 Engine Games

The most popular type of open source multi-player games are first-person shooters based on the Quake 3 engine. Many of them either package the engine with all their file or are just a mod that runs on the Quake 3 engine. This should be easy to compile for ARM as it’s on Github.

World of Padman – it would require downloading the 1.5 full version from here and then compiling the 1.6 engine using the source here and installing it over the top of the 1.5 stuff.

UrbanTerror – I’ve discovered that although the game is free, it is closed source and is used as a mod on top of the opensource ioUrbanTerror engine that can be compiled following this guide. Then all you would need to do is download the linux files in a zip from here and put them in the right place for the engine to use them.

OpenArena – This is the original remake of Quake 3 using free textures etc. The source code for the game and the engine is here and it also has an SVN here

Other games

Spring RTS – this game may be too much for the Raspberry Pi. Anyway, There is a really nice guide for compiling the engine and lobby (server connection app) here. They have a Server that runs on java that can be downloaded from here. I don’t think an R-Pi could handle the server and the client though.

Digital Paint: Paintball 2.0 – This is a paintball game based on the Quake 2 engine. It’s good fun. The guns etc are pretty realistic and the maps are good fun. The graphics are a bit dated, but it is still being updated even now! You can get the source code etc here.

Hedgewars – This is a worms clone made using hedgehogs for some reason. Everyone knows what worms is so it doesn’t need any more explanations. The kids aren’t quite as into it as the 3D games or Teeworlds, but the multiplayer is good. You can get the code etc here.

Scorched3D – It’s a “shoot the hell out of the other person with big mortars” sort of game. Lots of download/compile options here. Looks pretty nice in this video.

Red Eclipse – it has an SVN etc here. Yet another FPS. Nice graphics, but dreadful sound effects if you watch this video.

BZFlag – it should run nicely on the R-Pi. Source is here and other files if needed will also be on Sourceforge.

Warzone 2100 – The source etc can be got from here and the main site is here.

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