Raspberry Pi Regional Keyboard Language and Time Zone Setting

Raspberry Pi Keyboard Layout for your country

Raspberry Pi users are all over the world. A lot of people ask how to change the keyboard layout to use symbol and characters in their country. It’s not difficult, but there are a few methods to this, some works for some people and some don’t. You might want to try one after another.

1. sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

you will be prompted with a list of keyboard layout, select keyboard type and Your language. And reboot.

2. sudo raspi-config

this command will open up a Raspberry Pi config window.


3. first create this file with “nano”

sudo nano /home/pi/.xsessionrc

and put this line in the file

setxkbmap us

Note that “us” is the layout name for the language you want to use. E.g. “us” means American English, “fi” means Finnish, “pt” means portugese, etc..

Changing Raspberry Pi Time Zone Setting

For Debian system, you can use this command:

dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

Or actually use the command we mentioned above:

sudo raspi-config

Or if those commands don’t work, you can also try this:

  1. locate the .profile file in /home/pi
  2. open it to edit it
  3. add TZ=’Europe/London; export TZ to the end of the file
  4. save the .profile file
  5. log out of Xwindows
  6. shut down the Raspberry Pi (enter:- sudo shutdown -h before unplug the power cord)

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