How To Replace Camera and Cable in DJI Air Unit and Caddx Vista

by Oscar

Here’s how I normally replace the camera or coaxial cable that connects the camera and Air Unit or Caddx Vista. These parts are user replaceable by design, so it’s very easy to do.

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The process is quite self-explanatory with the photos, if you have any questions just let me know in the comment or on my forum,

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Why Replace Camera and Cable?

  • If you damage the camera
  • If you want to change the cable to a longer or shorter one
  • If you want a lighter camera like Nebula Pro or Nebula Nano, you can just swap it out as they are compatible with both DJI Air Unit and Caddx Vista

DJI FPV Camera Replacement

Nebula Pro Camera

Nebula Nano Camera (not as good as the Pro)

Coaxial Cable (original 100mm)

Coaxial Cable (Vista style 80mm and 120mm)

Lens Replacement (specs seems to be like the original):

Runcam RG18 Lens (apparently this one works too but I haven’t tested it):

DJI FPV Camera

Remove the two screws

Gently lift the connector up by the plastic tab on the sides

Caddx Vista

Remove the one screw

And remove the cable holder

Gently lift the connector up by the plastic tab on the sides

DJI FPV Camera

Remove the two screws on the back of the camera

Gently lift the connector up by the plastic tab on the sides

Nebula Micro

Remove the two screws on the back of the camera

Gently lift the connector up by the plastic tab on the sides

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Adrian 13th June 2023 - 12:24 am

Hi, I have an air unit lite from Caddx. My camera came free inflight and ripped the whole socket off the PCB. Are there replacement subcomponents for the air unit? Can the port be re attached without fancy equipment? Should I just buy a replacement unit?

Oscar 13th June 2023 - 2:06 am

It does sound like you’d have to replace the whole air unit, a ripped camera connector isn’t something that can be fixed easily even for a pro.

glenn 20th March 2023 - 11:46 pm

i have a original dji air unit i need a new coaxial cable , will any others fit ? i would like a 12 cm one iff possible? thanks for any info

Oscar 21st March 2023 - 1:03 am

You will need one designed specifically for the DJI Air Unit. Try AliExpress if it’s not available in your local shop, they usually have stock there:

Michael 29th September 2022 - 12:31 am

Would a DJI FPV Air Unit Coaxial Cable be compatible with a Caddx Vista?

Jim 26th August 2022 - 11:20 pm

I need a longer cable! The 20cm is just a bit to short for the 7” Rekon I’m building. Are there 25cm cables?

Oscar 27th August 2022 - 11:50 am

Not that I am aware of. They intentionally avoid making the cable too long, the longer it gets the more likely data gets corrupted

Richard Barber 23rd November 2021 - 6:07 pm

I have the Caddx Polar Vista on one of my drones (purchased during the Caddx shortage). This means I’m only getting 60fps. Can I switch out the camera that came with my Polar Vista with a Caddx DJI Digital FPV Camera and end up with 120fps? Or is that all dependent on the Polar Vista unit?

Jason 29th July 2021 - 3:24 pm

Hi there … question for Oscar. Can the original dji air unit ‘camera’ work with the vista air unit? Thinking of switching out the caddx nano camera that came with caddx air unit and putting on a spare original air unit can even though it’s heavier, due to the current shortage on quality digital cams right now.


Oscar 29th July 2021 - 5:59 pm

Yes, to date all cameras in the DJI Eco systems are compatible with Vista and Full size air units.

Edwin Chee 4th July 2021 - 3:05 am

Can i replace dji air unit camera only to caddx nebula pro?

Oscar 4th July 2021 - 1:23 pm

Yes, they are compatible.

Ryan 19th February 2021 - 2:42 am

I wonder why there are no replacement or modified cameras? Does anyone know what type of multi-strand cable this actually is? Propriety probably? I’d love to swap in a starlight camera.

Oscar 20th February 2021 - 11:36 am

Runcam did and they got a letter from Caddx’s laywer :D

Jiri 15th January 2021 - 11:24 pm

this cable is not coaxial, omg

Kevin James Dahlquist 19th December 2020 - 12:02 am

I have the same question as David’s plus some extra: The DJI unit not only includes DVR but can record locally at 1080p. I’d prefer to use the DJI air for that reaon but I can’t fit the Airs big ol’ camera head into my assembly. I CAN fit the Caddix one though.
Can the Caddix camera head record 1080p to the Air units DVR? This is a very important question for me. Thanks!

Oscar 11th January 2021 - 3:17 pm

Yes, 1080p recording is a feature of the bigger VTX module. But I think it’s worth it though, the smaller Caddx camera for 1080p. The image quality can be handled by 720p and it might not look that different in your final video.

David Owens 13th September 2020 - 11:17 am

Hi Oscar, just to be clear can the DJI air unit cable can be used on the Caddx Vista unit and vice versa?
Thanks in advance,