Replace GoPro LayerLens From GetFPV

Got the Layerlens protection for my Gopro Hero 3 Silver from GetFPV. It worked great, survived many bad crashes. But until recently I bought the Gopro Hero 3+ Black, I found the image looks really blurry and I realized it might be time to swap out the layerlens as the plastic peice is scratched really badly.

This is before the swap out of layerlens replacement lens.


This is after.


As I was taking the scratched lens off the protector, it just disintegrated into pieces.

gopro-layer-lens-scratch-lens-protection old-broken-damaged-layer-lens-disintegrated-pieces

Got the replacement lens from GetFPV. There is a layer of green plastic sheet protecting the surface. Put it on and my gopro films super sharp videos again. :)

getfpv-layerlens-replacement layer-lens-replacement-plastic-green-sheet gopro-hero-3-black-replaced-layerlens-as-good-as-new

One problem is with the screws that come with the layerlens. I wish they are hex screws (allen key style), easier to work with than cross slotted screws.

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