Review – GEPRC LSX5 Leopard Mini Quad Frame

I received the LSX5 Leopard mini quad frame by GEPRC for testing. It’s been a popular frame on social media, let’s check it out.

The LSX5 Leopard frame is available at: for $55. (use this coupon to get 8% off: ToysHo)

From first glance, the LSX5 looks very similar to the DQuad Obsession. But I am not going to get into the discussion whether this is a clone or not. I will let you decide.

The LSX5 is a very slick looking frame, with the special “stretch X” design which is supposed to be great for fast flying and racing.

Check out this article to learn more about mini quad frame basics and designs


The frame is nicely packaged. Apart from the frame it also comes with battery straps and stickers.

The cage and bottom plate is made of aluminium, the hardware is really nicely machined.

The camera plates are blue painted carbon fibre (2mm).


Here are the arms (4mm carbon fibre). I like the chamfered edges which is a very nice touch yet aren’t very common in mini quad frames yet at this price point.

But I wish they would have included at least a spare arm.

The frame also comes with a basic PDB with 5V and 12V output.

The XT60 connector is designed to be on the left or right side of the craft facing down, which is a neat solution for plugging in your LiPo and not to worry about getting the wires chopped by spinning blades.


LXS5 Leopard Frame Assembly

The GepRC Leopard is one of the quickest frame to assemble for me. The frame weights about 130 grams with all the hardware included. Quite a big difference from what’s specified in the manual.

The camera cage fits both Runcam Swift 2 and Eagle 2 perfectly. FPV Camera with similar dimension should also work. However the lens stick out just about 2mm and it could take some damage in a crash. I guess I could stick some foam on the sides of the lens to protect it.

Antenna mount for SMA/RP-SMA connector. I like the rubber grommet so that your antenna ground is insulated from the frame.

The Stretch X design means the frame is longer front to back.

It’s great they used threaded center plate to eliminate the need for nylon lock nuts, and the arms can be taken off without taking down the cage or bottom plate. This should make arm replacement easy.

GEPRC should replace the metal FC standoff with vibration damping bobbins.

While this is a good looking frame, space is very limited and I am lost as where to install the RX/VTX etc.

The manual didn’t explain how to install the LiPo strap, and I am still scratching my head. (Thanks to Paul in the comment, I finally figured it out hehe) But I like the “battery tray” they’ve included, which makes a great protector for bottom-mounted LiPo batteries.

Build Log

I am building this frame with the following part:

I am not using the PDB by GEPRC, as the Kakute already has integrated PDB feature.

“One board rules it all” :)

The quad weights 320g without battery.

First flight video is some DVR footage. This quad cannot feel better :D so much fun to rip!

Update – Camera plates broke

As we pointed out, the camera lens sticks out of the cage and it poses risk of lens damage in crashes.

I did crash really hard, it didn’t break the lens but instead it broke the camera mount, the carbon fibre plate that holds the camera in place. The lens took the impact and pushed backward and broke the slots.

So I think you do need to protect the lens better if it sticks out of the cage.


17 thoughts on “Review – GEPRC LSX5 Leopard Mini Quad Frame

  1. Lan

    When you say the Eagle 2 Fits, you mean this one right? (
    Sorry if this is a silly question

  2. Mike mitchell

    Oscar how did you mount the vtx/rx on the top side of the frame is that packing tape ? Can’t really tell from the pic

    1. Oscar Post author

      I use fibre tape to wrap around the slots, and just stick the VTX to the underside of the tape and use ziptie to secure it.

  3. Chris

    I have the x5 and it is tough to fit al in therel but with it complete now I love it. The battery grips are nice but I also run an extra strap through the frame under the fc to cross secure the battery.

  4. Wayne

    The vibration dampeners can be screwed on backwards facing down onto the pdb and the fc placed on top of them😜😜

  5. nin2thevoid

    Clone? Well, I think it’s safe to say that without the existence of the Obsession, this frame would have looked a lot like another frame we already know. In fact, when I saw another picture of it, I immediately visited the Dquad site to search for an updated version. Enough said.
    There are some remarkable changes though, such as the stretched X and chamfered carbon parts. I’m more of a true X fan since drag races (or very long stretched racetracks for that matter) aren’t really a thing, thereby preferring equal and predictable handling across each axis. But the variation is good.
    Curious though: what is the weight of this frame? I always found the Obsession to feel just a tad bulky in tight maneuvres, and the assembled frame weight is quite a bit more than what the site quotes, despite having an integrated PDB.

  6. Tim Music

    “But I wish they would have included at least a spare arm.” please what other frame comes with spear arms even top of the line ones don’t except ones with arms so thin that they break when you sneeze at them ;) There is really nothing more to include and if you somehow manage to break something, there are all parts available to buy separately…

    1. Oscar Post author

      That doesn’t mean they can’t be the first :)
      I hear too many cases where people crashed, broke an arm and got grounded for weeks because they don’t have a spare arm around :)
      It’s just some small gesture that vastly improves user experience :)

  7. Paul

    Turn the metal bottom plate 90 degrees, the strap will then fit through the channel in it. I know it looks like the strap should fit through the slots, and that would be my preference, but it doesn’t.


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