How to “Fine Tune” Frequency in Jumper T16 Multi-Protocol Module

If you are getting bad range or unexplained failsafe from your Jumper T16 when flying with the multi-protocol module, the problem could be fixed by frequency fine tuning. Here I will show you how to fine tune frequency setting in the radio.

Go to “Model Setup”, scroll down to “Internal RF”, you should find the option “RF Freq. Fine Tune”. Default is 0, and you can change it between -50 and 50.

Method 1

Decrease “RF Freq. Fine Tune” until you get a failsafe (warning from radio). Confirm it by flipping the arm switch, make sure you remove all the props first. The arm switch shouldn’t arm the quad when signal is lost, if it does then keep decreasing it until it won’t arm anymore.

Write down this number.

Now increase “RF Freq. Fine Tune”, signal will come back, but if you keep going, you will get another failsafe. Again, confirm with arm switch.

Write down this number.

Now the middle of these two numbers is what you want. Simply add the two numbers and divide by two.

For example, if I had -39 and 45, (-39+45)/2 = 6/2 = 3

Method 2

Place your quad at a distance, e.g. 50 meters away. Change tuning, and check RSSI (next to “RF Freq. Fine Tune”), find the number that gives you the highest RSSI.

Why this is needed?

I think it’s just the downside of having multiple protocols.┬áJumper explains why this is required:

Original FrSky, Futaba, Corona Hitec, and HoTT receivers have been frequency-tuned by the manufacturer at the factory. Because of variations in the oscillator crystals used in multiprotocol modules, it is necessary to fine-tune the module to match the manufacturer frequencies.

‘Compatible’ receivers suffer the same variation in crystal oscillators as multiprotocol modules but have to be compatible with genuine (manufacturer-tuned) transmitters so they will typically have auto-tuning built-in, and will self-tune to the radio’s frequency when they are bound.

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