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Enhanced Arduino C++ Custom Math Library


This is a custom math library for Arduino, which should be more efficient than the standard C math library. This library is primarily designed for my Arduino Hexapod robot and Quadruped robot, but you might also find it useful in other application. At the moment I have come up with functions: sin(), cos(), acos(), atan2(), which has proven to be faster. Other function implementations might not be faster than the standard built-in ones, but it’s interesting to see how they can be implemented in programming language.

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Raspberry Pi Color Tracking Using PID

In this project I implemented OpenCV color recognition on the Raspberry Pi that uses PID to control the pan-tilt servo system. In this post, I will explain briefly how color tracking works, and how to use PID control algorithm to improve tracking performance. Like my previous face recognition tutorial, I will be using the Wall-E robot in this Raspberry Pi Color Tracking project as an example.

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Arduino Quadruped Robot – Stalker

I am going to build an Arduino Quadruped Robot. As usual, I will share my source code and show as many pictures as possible, to help those of you who are also building Quadruped robots. The way I do things might not be the best ways, and I am sure you can come up with better solutions, please let me know if you do! :-)

This robot is actually the first robot I wanted to build, but I failed miserably. you can check this out and this. After building a working Arduino Hexapod robot, I feel confident that I can pull it off this time! I recycled the parts from the arduino hexapod robot, and build a body with styrene sheets, so there is no new parts. Read More

Wii Nunchuck Arduino Tutorial

Why Wii Nunchuck Arduino? You can create and build endless electronics design and project with the powerful Arduino, for example a robot. By attaching Wii Nunchuck Arduino, you create the opportunity to control Arduino using the way we most familiar with, the way we play games!

Not to mention, Wii Nunchuck is cheap (~5 US dollars), and it also has three-axis accelerometer for motion sensing, which is very useful.

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