Review: Robotdog RD2205 2300KV Motor

by Oscar

The Robotdog RD2205 motor by FPVModel is another budget motor for light weight 5″ builds that require low and mid KV.

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Get the RD2205 motors from FPVModel:

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  • Stator Size: 2205
  • KV Options: 2300KV and 2500KV
  • Input Voltage: 2S to 4S
  • Wires: 11cm 20AWG
  • Weight: 26g with short wires, 28g with 11cm wires

Nice looking motors, but beware that they don’t come with any screws for mounting! It depends on your frame, but generally 5mm long bolts should be good for 3mm arms and 6mm bolts for 4mm arms.

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Closer Look at the Robotdog RD2205 Motor

At first glance, there is nothing to complain about the Robotdog RD2205 in terms of build quality given the low price. But just purely base on the features and construction of the motor, these don’t seem to be as appealing as the DYS Samguk motors, which are also priced at $10 a piece.

The winding is multi-stranded and the motor supports 3S and 4S LiPo.

It uses a C clip to hold the motor shaft. Motor mounting is 16x16mm.

The Negatives

First of all I wish they make a larger stator version like 2306 or even 2207. 2205 has a much smaller audience and lacking the power for larger, heavier builds. Or maybe FPVModel is trying to target a very specific audience with the RD2205, because they do already offer another budget 2207 motor for those who are looking for more power.

Secondly the airgap is quite wide in the RD2205, although you can argue that this is entirely up to the pilot’s flying style. Some people might prefer a less powerful but smoother motor.

Thirdly the Robotdog has a solid aluminium shaft which is generally thought to be less strong than the hollow titanium shaft against crashes.

The Positives

With all the downsides mentioned, none is a deal breaker. Hey, it’s another budget option for the consumers! Let’s not forget that 2205 is a great balance between motor weight and power, which is more suited for ultralight racers. It only weighs 26g!

Given the cheap price and how often we crash in racing, it doesn’t hurt as much to break and replace these motors.

Comparing to the more expensive T-Motor Air40 ( in the same class, the Robotdog has a bit more resistance to it when spun by hand. The “notches” are more noticeable too. But that’s to be expected due to the price differences.

I will test these motors and report back if there is any issue.

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