News: Runcam 4 is coming?!

I learned about the Runcam 4 a couple of weeks ago. Well, I shouldn’t have talked about it, but someone blew the whistle, it’s no longer a secret. So here is the Runcam 4 guys! I will keep this article updated as I learn more. I will also post my review on this very same page in the future.

Note: The leaked pictures and footage were from an early prototype, its physical appearance and image quality may change in the production version. When is it coming out? I don’t know yet.

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What’s the Runcam 4 For?

As you can see in the leaked image, the Runcam 4 has the same long, rectangular shape as the previous Runcam 2. (What are you going to do now GoPro?! Nothing!)

I was told the Runcam 4 is primarily designed for planes and wings thanks to the more aerodynamic shape compared to the Runcam 3S. But there is nothing to stop you from using it on quadcopters. Though it can be tricky to mount as it takes more top plate space than cube cameras.

The biggest selling point we know so far is the 4K 30fps resolution capability! Making this the highest resolution camera Runcam has ever made.

Runcam 4 Specifications

  • 4K Resolution at 30FPS
  • 2.7K Resolution at 60FPS
  • Built-in LiPo battery (not sure if it’s removable yet)
  • It appears to be in the same form factor as the Runcam 2, but we have to wait for final confirmation when it comes out
  • Built-in WiFi for connecting to your phone, to change camera settings and to start/stop recording
  • The prototype has a black housing, but I think it’s very possible that they will also make an orange one, since that’s their iconic color; And it would be much easier to find when you lose it in the grass


So far the video below is the only footage available on the internet of the Runcam 4.

The lucky guys at SonicModell had the opportunity to test an early prototype. But Runcam has also promised to send me one as soon as they feel happy with the performance.

Can’t wait to test the Runcam 4 on my FPV wing :)

9 thoughts on “News: Runcam 4 is coming?!

  1. Michael Scherk

    Mega-LOL. On October 11th I wrote to the Runcam-Support:
    Hello Runcam,
    any plan to update the HD2? Would be cool to have this Form Factor with the Technology of the Split? Yes, I could 3D-Print a Case and insert a Split Mini, but Ready-to-Buy it would be easier :-)
    The answer a day later:
    > Thanks for your inquiry.
    > RunCam Split is evolved from RunCam 2 and 3.
    > If you want a combination of HD recording and FPV, we will soon have a Split 2S released.
    > If you want a Form Factor, you can directly buy RunCam 2 and 3.

    It seems she did not wanted to tell me :-D

  2. SteveK

    Superview or I’m out. I accidentally recorded a flight without superview the other day and it just didn’t look great for freestyle. Might be a good cheap cinematic cam though

  3. TweakRacer

    Form factor is okay. Great for wings, so so for quads. At least it has 2.7k at 60fps, which would be great for uploading to YouTube.

    SuperView? Bit rate? Price? Removable lipo? Low latency live video out?

  4. Eli

    i don’t need heavy large files while traning or sharing via instagram or other messengers. lots of people use action cams like dash cams or recorders and there’s more important how much video fits in to the flash drive than image quality.

  5. Eli

    reminds Drift Stealth 2 camerf
    but drift has more aerodynamic shapes and display could rotates 270 degree but has no 2.7 and 4k resolution

  6. Devin Tegen

    Lack of tuning on the quad. :/ Also I don’t see a way to add an ND filter which can also mitigate jello like in the video.

  7. Andrew

    Why are manufacturers bringing out 30fps cameras still. The tech is there for 60fps so it should be the bottom bar 60 or better.


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