Review: Runcam Falcon Nano FPV Camera (DJI FPV System) – Amazing!

by Oscar
Runcam Falcon Nano Fpv Camera Dji Fpv System

Runcam sent me their latest FPV camera for the DJI FPV system to test, the Falcon Nano. I have been told it’s using the exact same chip as the stock DJI FPV camera, but in a much, much smaller form factor.

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What I have here seems to be a prototype, so the housing might look different when it comes out.

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Closer Look at Runcam Falcon Nano FPV Camera

Runcam also sent me an Air Unit with it that they have been selling.

Runcam Falcon Nano Fpv Camera Dji Fpv System Air Unit

It’s just like the Runcam Link, which is identical to the Caddx Vista. This Air Unit is also identical to the full size Air Unit from DJI. The only real difference is the antennas. You can already purchase it with the Phoenix HD camera as a combo.

Runcam Air Unit Dji Fpv System Now back to the Runcam Falcon camera, here’s the back of the PCB/connector.

Runcam Falcon Nano Fpv Camera Dji Fpv System Close Up Pcb It has almost identical image quality as the stock DJI camera and the Caddx Nebula Pro. These have been my go-to cameras for the DJI FPV system for flying during the day. The color is the most natural/realistic and sharpness is spot on in my opinion. Not only they give you the full sensor 4:3 aspect ratio (so you get the widest FOV possible), they also offer both low latency and high quality modes (60FPS and 120FPS).

Fpv Camera Testing Image Quality Runcam Phoenix Hd Nano Falcon Caddx Polar Fpv Camera Testing Sharpness Detail Runcam Phoenix Hd Nano Falcon Caddx Polar

The main differences between the Falcon and Stock DJI camera are the size and weight.

The Runcam Falcon is a Nano size FPV camera, meaning the width is only 14mm instead of 20mm. It weighs only 4.5g, compared to the DJI Cam’s 12g or the Nebula Pro’s 9g.

One disadvantage however , is availability due to chip shortage. We have seen how it have been affecting the Nebula Pro and the Stock DJI cam, since they all share the same chip. So grab yours asap :)

Runcam Falcon Nano Fpv Camera Dji Fpv System The other downside is low light performance. We have seen how the stock DJI camera and Nebula Pro perform in low light, they are not ideal. Same applies to the Runcam Falcon Nano.

Caddx Polar Nebula Nano Nebula Pro Runcam Mipi Image Quality Low Light Dark

If you mostly fly in low light, then you should check out Runcam’s Phoenix HD Nano, or the Caddx Polar instead.


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Jan 28th December 2022 - 3:21 pm

Is it only 4:3 ??