Runcam Swift 2 FPV Camera Preview/Review

Runcam just released a new version of the Swift FPV camera – The Swift 2. I am lucky to get a sample, and in this post I will be going through some of the improved features and provide photos of the product.

You can get the Swift V2 from: Banggood, Amazon, GetFPV

Here is the overview of the changes and improvements from previous versionf, and unboxing of the Swift2.

What’s New?

The original Swift has been one of the most popular FPV camera out there, with the Swift2 Runcam has added some really cool features..

Integrated OSD!

OSD Features include:

  • Battery Voltage
  • Timer
  • Pilot’s Name (up to 9 characters)
  • Baseline

Yes, the Swift 2 can now display your battery voltage on the screen! Simply by connecting the battery’s positive to the VBAT pin on the camera. This eliminates the need for an additional OSD (such as MinimOSD) if all you ever use are voltage and timer. If VBAT isn’t connected, it can display the camera’s input voltage instead. But this will result in ~0.1-0.2V lower in readings than the actual voltage due to the voltage filtering circuit.


  • Press and hold the button UP for 2 seconds to enter OSD Setting menu
  • Hold the button to the LEFT for 2s to enable/disable voltage
  • Hold the button to the DOWN for 2s to enable/disable name
  • Hold the button to the RIGHT for 2s to enable/disable timer

Integrated Microphone

The Swift 2 has a built-in Mic for Audio. It’s located on the back of the cam so wind noise is minimized.

Wider Voltage Range & More Robust Voltage Protection

Input voltage supports 5V, up to 36V officially, but the range is actually wider technically in both directions. This ensure the camera can survive more hostile voltage spikes during punch outs or throttle changes. I was told there is also input voltage protection to further improve the electrical robustness of the Swift 2.

Lens Options

Finally users can choose lens of different FOV, options available are 130° (2.5mm), 150° (2.3mm) and 165° (2.1mm).

Flexible 3-hole Housing

Apart from the standard single hole housing, it also comes with a spare, 3-hole case, as well as a spare back plate without the “ears”. This made it compatible with many more frames out there.

The holes in the housing are now threaded, allowing you to fix the angle better.

Other Minor Changes

The Swift logo is printed on both top and bottom of the housing, but the words are oriented the same direction so you won’t get confused which side is up.

Camera lens focal lengths (FOV) is printed on the lens for easy identification.

Different default camera settings:

  • Colour mode option chosen by default – the camera won’t go into black and white even at night (if you want this you can change it in the settings)
  • AGC (Automatic Gain Control) is off by default. By enabling AGC, it can improve image at low light, but when facing light sources the image might become over-exposed
  • Default Gamma is 0.5 which makes brightness lower and contrast higher
  • Previous version has 3+2 connectors (Power, GND, Video and GND, OSD), Swift 2 has 5+2 connectors (Power, GND, Video, Audio, VBAT and GND, OSD), with added audio output and Vbat

Furthermore, he Swift 2 performed better than the previous version in the Latency Test, for about 6ms faster.


The camera comes with the following parts as shown in the picture.

There are 2 silicon insulation cables, one 3-pin (if you don’t use Audio and VBAT), and the other is 5-pin.

Technical Spec

  • 1/3″ SONY Super HAD II CCD Image Sensor
  • IR Blocked
  • 600TVL
  • Lens 2.5mm(Default) / 2.3mm / 2.1mm
  • Supports PAL/NTSC
  • Integrated OSD
  • Integrated MIC
  • Min.illumination 0.01Lux/1.2F
  • Mode: Color / Auto / B&W
  • Input Voltage: DC 5V to 36V
  • Weight 14g
  • Dimensions 28.5mm * 26mm * 26mm


Here is a connection diagram provided by Runcam, between the camera and OSD control (for camera settings), VTX and battery.

Manual Instruction

Here is the manual leaflet that comes with the camera, for my future reference.

Take It Apart!

One thing I really wanted to see is if they’ve made the core stronger than the previous Swift, so let’s take it apart and find out!

So far it looks great, the sensor is glued down, and there is no more dangling crystal (silver cylinder).

Comparison To Original Swift

I haven’t got the old swift with me, but I have the Rotor Riot Edition, which is essentially the Swift with some minor changes and different lens.

Here are some side by side comparison of the 2 cameras.

32 thoughts on “Runcam Swift 2 FPV Camera Preview/Review

  1. solmag

    Hi Just installed the swift 2 micro on my quad and I’m flying with the default setting. My problem is when I face the sun, the video goes dark. I was racing with my friends and I had to skip some parts of the tracks since I cant see where I was going. Is there a way to fix this in the menu? Please I need help. Thank you.

    1. Oscar Post author

      please use Runcam’s Support as you are paying them for the service as well :) They should be able to give you some useful suggestion :)

  2. Lionel

    I have a swift 2 and the picture is good.
    But when i am pointed the sun the picture is really darkness.
    I dont find issue
    One idea?
    Bf f3
    Vtx fooxer switchable.


  3. tom coos

    Hey Oscar, wanted to thank you for all your info and work. It makes getting into the hobby much less painful for a beginner like me. Is there a way to focus the runcam swift 2. I just installed a brand new one and the picture looks very out of focus. I have tried twisting the lends to focus it but it doesn’t budge. Thanks for any help you can offer.

    1. Oscar Post author

      There should be a ring on the lens thread, twist that ring further towards the lens, and then try to fit the lens in the camera.
      Get a good focus, then turn the ring back toward the camera until it’s too tight to turn.

  4. Jeremiah

    Hello Oscar,
    I have a Betaflight AIO FC. When using a RunCam Swift 2 I can not get my Betaflight OSD to appear even though I turned off all the OSD on my RunCam. I switched from NTSC to PAL in Betaflight and still the same results. I hope that you can help me. I look to your page before I go anywhere else to do research and appreciate what you do.

    365 Hobbies

    1. Oscar Post author

      could you try changing PAL and NTSC in the camera? Also make sure you haven’t enabled a OSD Switch in modes tab too… (it might disable your OSD)

    2. Trevon Barnes

      I solved this issue today on my quad. When you switch to PAL, the aspect ratio changes. So before switching enable the OSD features you want, place them all in the center of the screen preview, and then switch the format so that you can place them on the screen where visible. Betaflight even shows a live preview on your goggles as you move them around.

  5. Renaud


    If you can help me ! I have connected a swift 2 on a F4 pro v2 omnibus board. The OSD Betaflight no longer appears. I switched off the camera’s OSD and still nothing. When I come back on a Swift 1 camera, I have the Betaflight OSD again. If you have a solution to have permanently Betaflight OSD ?

    thanks in advance


    1. Oscar Post author

      This is more likely to be a NTSC/PAL setting in betaflight.
      I believe you can change it in Swift 2 menu too.

    2. jlange

      this post is quit old but i had the same problem and i fixed it (at least it worked with my swift 2).

      I pluged in the osd control thingy for the swift 2 and powered up (lipo + usb dont know if thats part of the trick). thats all the betaflight osd appeard.

      The OSD is only appearing if the Transmitter (Taranis x9d) is completly started…

    1. Oscar Post author

      The Rotor Riot cam is exactly the same as the swift 1 with a GoPro lens.
      You can, but it won’t give you OSD voltage reading. It’s only to power it.

  6. Kent H.

    For the Vbat do you just connect that to any + lead on the flight controller or PDB that is not a BEC?

    I am running the FuriousFPV Radiance with the X-Racer Quadrant.

  7. Rclf

    Both foxeer and runcam keep changing the dimensions with each new camera making them this way incompatible with most frames. Frames that use side plates to mount the camera instead the awful aluminium mount will have hard time to use the new cams. For example the swift is 28mm width and the swift2 is 28.5mm, bah.

  8. Daniel

    Does anyone know if the sensor board of the Swift fits into the Swift2 case? I stripped plastic where the screw theads in, on my Swift. I’d rather order the new case as replacement due to the metal thread.

  9. Stingy

    FYI The OSD menu is entered by pressing up for 2 seconds not the button. I was getting a bit frustrated until I figured this one out.

  10. FPV3D

    Would love to hear from others if they have found the need to adjust ANY of the settings from factory default to get better overall results when flying in most situations in daytime. Just received mine and for the most part it seems the factory settings are for the most part the most ideal in most cases. Agreed?

    1. Oscar Post author

      At the moment there is nothing we can do, and it’s not possible to calibrate it.
      Runcam is aware of it and they are working on a solution. It doesn’t affect user’s usage though, just need to keep in mind that the actual voltage is slightly higher :)


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