Different Lens Options for Runcam Swift FPV Camera

I have seen some lens comparison for the HS1177, so I decided to do the same for the Runcam Swift. We will be testing a larger FOV lens and a GoPro lens in comparison with the stock one.


Stock Lens

The Stock Runcam Swift lens is 10mm long, and has a focal Length of 2.8mm which gives 86 degree of FOV. To be honest the stock lens performs pretty well for me personally. However for those who want bigger FOV for their FPV camera then you can try other lens.

Upgrade Lens (100deg FOV)

This upgrade lens for the Swift has a larger FOV of 100 degree but the same 2.8mm focal length and Aperture, and it’s longer in dimension. It also fits the PZ0420M and SKYPLUS. The body is 15mm long and it’s all threaded.

This lens is available on Runcam’s web store.

GoPro Lens for Swift FPV Camera

A lot of users claimed to be using “Gopro lenses” on their HS1177, and they aren’t really the GoPro lens as it won’t fit the HS1177 without modifications.

This GoPro lens was sent to me by Runcam, they have modified the lens so it fits the Swift perfectly out of the box. This modified lens is not available anywhere, but if there are interests I am sure they will start making and selling this as upgrade for their cameras. Please let me know in the comment.

This lens is considerably larger than the other two, and longer too. It’s 17mm with 1/3 of the body threaded.

Runcam told me that the same GoPro lens is used on the Hero 3, as well as the Runcam2.


Performance Comparison

Between the Swift stock lens and the 100deg FOV lens, they look nearly identical apart from the FOV. With the GoPro Lens we also have a wider FOV (similar to 100 deg maybe a little bigger I would say), but the colour is slightly better in day light, and a lot better at low light. Maybe the larger lens lets more light in therefore the better colour?


15 thoughts on “Different Lens Options for Runcam Swift FPV Camera

  1. Jocelyn da prato

    Based on your 3 samples Oscar, for dynamic range sensibility I can notice that the stock lens and the 100deg perform well compared to Gopro one, especially on your sport bag and far trees that are coming black.

  2. Roman

    My Swift sensor is IR blocked, Gopro 2 lens is also IR blocked. Question! How does the double IR block will looks like? (sensor + lens)

    1. Michael

      GoPro lens I just purchased (for hero 2) definitely does not fit into a runcam skyplus ! Ive bought loads of them as well >.<

  3. Andrew McClenaghan

    You can buy a M12 lens on ebay now that is a “GoPro” one. eg. ebay.com.au/itm/like/281963091069?lpid=107&chn=ps Not sure if there is any difference to the lens that Runcam provided.

  4. Cameron Nichols

    Yeah I’d pre-order that lens right now if it was an option. Looks pretty spectacular. My only concern would be durability and fitment on tighter frames.

      1. Oscar Post author

        There is no official places to get them, there are some online but they are kind of hit and miss so i don’t want to recommend them as i haven’t personally tried… Runcam is making a “Gopro lens” version Swift, and they might not sell the lense individually.

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