Securing LiPo Balance Lead on Mini Quad

by Oscar

Make sure to keep the balance lead of your LiPo battery away from spinning propellers before take-off. Having it dangling around can result in damage to the balance lead, causing a crash, electrical short in the air, and even fire! I will show you a few easy ways to secure the balance lead.

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Why Protecting the Balance Lead is Important?

If you unfortunately break the balance lead, don’t worry you might be able to replace it if the cells are still good. This article explains what “balance lead” is in a LiPo battery and what it’s used for.

With a broken balance lead you might accidentally short the cells in the battery. It’s dangerous! Also you might not be able to “balance charge” the battery properly afterwards. Therefore you want to protect it the best you can.

How to Keep Balance Lead Away From Propellers?

Tucking it under the Battery Strap

When you have no other solutions available, you should absolutely tuck your balance lead under your battery strap. This is the minimum effort you should take to make sure your balance wires don’t get cut by props.

However, if the balance wires are too short, look into another method in this guide.

Rubber Bands

This is my go-to method. It’s also great if the balance lead is too short to be tucked under the battery strap.

Simply wrap the rubber band around the wire to securely hold the connector to the battery.


Rubber bands are cheap, but they won’t last more than a few bad crashes, so it’s a good idea to keep a few in your bag.

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