Setup Arm Switch for Wing in Taranis (No FC)

Without a flight controller, the motor in your wing can spool up as soon as you touch throttle. I nearly cut myself a few times. To avoid an accident, I will show you how to setup an arm switch in the Taranis for a wing. It should also work on RC airplanes too.

I am assuming you are using Taranis with OpenTX firmware. Same method should work on any radio running OpenTX, such as the Flysky Nirvana and Jumper T12.

Go to Special Function page in your radio, choose a switch as your Arm switch. In this example, I am using the SD switch.

  • Create a function (SF1) for “!SD↓
  • Select function “Override
  • Select object “CH1
  • Enter -100 as the value
  • Tick the box far right to enable it

The “Override” function basically tells the transmitter to output -100 whenever “!SD↓” – the SD switch isn’t at its down position. Throttle range is -100 to 100, so -100 is basically 0% throttle.

To select “!SD↓“, simply flip your SD switch to the down position to select “SD↓“, then hold down the enter button, and select the “Invert” option.

That’s really all you need to do to setup the arm switch for a wing :) You can also setup sounds for the arming and disarming for alert.

In the example, I set it up to play the “Siren” sound whenever the arm switch is activated. It plays the track “Engine Off” when the arm switch is deactivated. Make sure to select “1X” at the far right so it only plays the sound once. Edit: actually, you should select “!1X”, so the Taranis wouldn’t play the sound when you power on the radio.

Here is a tutorial if you want to use custom sound tracks.

3 thoughts on “Setup Arm Switch for Wing in Taranis (No FC)

  1. Stefan Näwe

    I use two switches for arming: 1st switch needs to be on (and stays on) and the 2nd (momentary) needs to be on for ~2sec. It’s too easy to accidentally flip one single switch. Also arming can only be switched on when throttle is 0 (or -100% that is). And as a third “security feature” I play a beep every 2 seconds when arming is on and throttle is 0.


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