Review: Simple PDB for ZMR250 by OSO

by Oscar

Another full Power distribution board designed just for the popular ZMR250 frame, the Simple PDB by OSO on RCGroups.

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simple-pdb-oso-top simple-pdb-oso-bottom

ZMR250 Simple PDB Features

Just like many other ZMR250 PDBs, This PDB has built-in LC filter, designated places for your 12V/5V regulators, buzzers, and OSD. More importantly it supports multiple types of OSD such as MinimOSD, OSDoge and SuperSimple OSD.

simple-pdb-oso-minimosd-lc-filter-buzzer simple-pdb-oso-supersimpleosd-lc-filter-buzzer

The PDB looks superb quality, and has a matte finish.

Video traces are shielded and interference is reduced.

Options for different types of voltage regulator: either the more efficient but more expensive pololu switching voltage regulators, or the cheap 3 legged linear regulators. (check here for difference in switching/linear regulators)


There is also place for a 12V step up voltage regulator. I believe it’s for 3S users, where your FPV gear might require strictly 12V input, but 3S lipo can drop below that. For example, you can hook up your 5V to your step up voltage regulator and it outputs constant 12V for your FPV gear.

Large power/ground traces allows large motor/prop combinations. Current rating of this PDB is 180A (maximum current draw), which is 45A per ESC! Your XT60 Lipo connector will reach its limit before this PDB ;)

simple-pdb-oso-detail-front-1 simple-pdb-oso-detail-middle-2 simple-pdb-oso-detail-rear-3

Where to Buy and Recommended Components

it seems like the shops selling this PDB all have different components included in their package. Some only comes with bare PDB, some come with LC filter, buzzer but no voltage regulators.

So check and make sure what is included before you check out. Anyway here is the list of components I would recommend that will work nice with this PDB, if they are not included. (Note this is for 4S mini quad users)

  • Pololu 5V step down voltage regulator
  • Pololu 12V step down voltage regulator
  • LC Filter – 470uF Capacitor, 100uH Inductor
  • Buzzer
  • MinimOSD
  • Some male/female header pins for where you see fit.

simple-pdb-oso-lc-filter-470uf-capacitor-100uh-inductor simple-pdb-oso-content-package-contain

Check out this post about other ZMR250 PDBs.

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stephen r anest 24th March 2017 - 1:08 am

Do I need 12v Pololu and a 5v Pololu to receive filtered power for my camera and VTX. Or can I just install the capacitor and ring to receive the proper clean power?

Nic 17th January 2016 - 5:32 pm

Hey Oscar,

Do you know if it is possible to mount LEDs on this PDB?

– NIc

Alexandru 21st September 2015 - 9:24 pm

Interesting about L7812CV and L7805CV. Are these eficient linear regulators? Are they better than polulu or worse than UBEC? I’m asking, because I’m looking for something light, but on the same time that less interfere with radio equipment. I don’t fly more than 3-4 lipos at a time, so head should not be an issue.