Review: Sonicmodell Baby AR Wing Pro FPV Wing RC Airplane

by Oscar
Sonicmodell Baby Ar Wing Pro Fpv Wing Rc Airplane Model Assembled

At first sight, the Baby AR Wing Pro from Sonicmodel might appear strikingly similar to its larger counterpart. But don’t be fooled, this miniature version, with its 682mm wingspan and 320mm length, is considerably more compact and lightweight. It maintains the same aesthetic appeal of the popular AR Wing Pro and is an ideal choice for pilots looking for portability and compactness. Let’s take a close look at the Baby AR Wing Pro in this review and what it has to offer.

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For a full list of tools you might need to build and repair FPV wings:

Where To Buy?

The Baby AR Wing Pro is available for purchase from the following vendors:

I highly recommend opting for the PNP (Plug-N-Play) version. This version comes with all the essential electronics, except the receiver and FPV setup. It arrives assembled, making it much more beginner friendly. The PNP version includes:

  • 1x SonicModell Baby AR Wing Pro (Black)
  • 1x 30A ESC with integrated 5V 2A BEC
  • 2x 4.3g Metal Gear Servos
  • 1x 1406-3800KV Motor
  • 1x 4×2.5 Two-blade Propeller
  • 1x Hardware Kit

Sonicmodell Baby Ar Wing Pro Fpv Wing Rc Airplane Unbox Accessories Parts

Please note, the battery is not included. For the PNP version, the recommended battery type is a 3S LiPo (up to a maximum of 2200mAh), get it here:

If your battery has XT60 connectors, you also need an XT60 male to XT30 female adapter, as the plane comes with an XT30 connector:

You may also use a 3S 18650 Li-ion if you are looking for longer flight time.

The Specs

PNP Version:

  • Wingspan: 682mm (26.85″)
  • Length: 320mm (12.59”)
  • Material: High-Quality EPP
  • Propeller: 4×2.5 Bi-blade Propeller
  • ESC: Flycolor 30A ESC with 5V 2A BEC
  • Motor: 1406-3800KV
  • Servos: 2pcs 9g metal gear servo
  • Minimum speed: 31 km/h
  • Cruising speed: around 40 km/h
  • Max Speed: 100km/h
  • Weight without FPV, battery, receiver: 150g
  • Max take off weight: 470g

SonicModell has thoughtfully included an instructional manual detailing recommended throws, a detail often overlooked by other manufacturers:

Sonicmodell Baby Ar Wing Pro Fpv Wing Rc Airplane Manual Instruction

Build and Design

The Baby AR Wing Pro is essentially a miniature version of the AR Wing Pro, maintaining its high-quality design and robust construction. The dark EPP foam used in the construction is durable and sturdy, echoing the resilient build of the original AR Wing Pro.

With a wingspan of 682mm (26.85″) and a length of 320mm (12.59″), this model impresses with its compactness. Despite its smaller size, it offers a surprisingly spacious fuselage. The canopy is secured by strong magnets.

Sonicmodell Baby Ar Wing Pro Fpv Wing Rc Airplane Fuselage

Notably, servos, motor, ESC, and linkages are all pre-installed in the foam parts, saving you the hassle of assembling yourself. While the Baby AR Wing Pro is designed for 3S battery, the included 30A ESC from Flycolor supports 2S to 4S. There’s also enough space for a 4S battery. This means, with the right motor and propeller combo, you could potentially use a different cell count battery, offering a flexible setup for various flying styles and conditions.

Sonicmodell Baby Ar Wing Pro Fpv Wing Rc Airplane Tail Motor Propeller

There’s also a JST connector next to the XT30, which you can use for powering the FPV system or LED lights straight from the battery.

Sonicmodell Baby Ar Wing Pro Fpv Wing Rc Airplane Fuselage Top

Additionally, the package includes vibrant decals in various color themes, letting you customize your Baby AR Wing Pro to suit your style.

The hollow carbon spar that goes through the fuselage and attaches to the wings measures a diameter of 6mm and a length of 370mm. Unlikely but if it ever breaks, it’s easy to source replacements.

Weighing in at about 150 grams without the receiver, FPV setup, and battery, it could be a challenge to stay under the 250g limit once these components are installed. However, it seems SonicModell aimed more for performance and agility rather than lightweight design. Its recommended maximum take-off weight stands at 470 grams.


One of the standout features of the Baby AR Wing Pro is its detachable wings, which enables easy, glue-free assembly, making this model extremely portable for outdoor flying.

Sonicmodell Baby Ar Wing Pro Fpv Wing Rc Airplane Attach Wings Fuselage Spar

These wings are conveniently secured with a metal threaded thumb screws.

Sonicmodell Baby Ar Wing Pro Fpv Wing Rc Airplane Battery Compartment Esc Servo Cable

The central bay is quite spacious, with room to accommodate the battery, flight controller, FPV gear, and other essential electronics. The battery compartment measures 108x102x38mm, and there’s an additional protected space (measuring 170mm in length) behind the battery compartment that’s ideal for installing a flight controller and GPS module. The Baby AR Wing Pro benefits from an optimized air-cooling design, ensuring that your gear remains safe from overheating during flights.


Also, there’s a nose camera bay that is compatible with a variety of micro FPV cameras in the market.

Sonicmodell Baby Ar Wing Pro Fpv Wing Rc Airplane Fpv Camera Hole

A clever design feature is the small compartment under each wing, perfect for installing VTX or RX. Measuring 40x25x5mm, this compact compartment also has a channel leading to the fuselage for cable routing.

Sonicmodell Baby Ar Wing Pro Fpv Wing Rc Airplane Vtx Bay Under

The model also features servo horns streamlined with what ZOHD refers to as the ‘aero guard.’ This design keeps the servo horn protected and reducing airflow blockage.

Sonicmodell Baby Ar Wing Pro Fpv Wing Rc Airplane Wings Detached

Sonicmodell Baby Ar Wing Pro Fpv Wing Rc Airplane Wing Side

Additionally, it features a unique “FlexiLock” hinge design that provides a natural, friction-free swing to your aileron control surfaces. These control surfaces are reinforced with stiff carbon fiber rods for precision and durability.

Sonicmodell Baby Ar Wing Pro Fpv Wing Rc Airplane Linkage

For enhanced flight stability, there are molded “CG” bumps under the wings, helping you to find and adjust the center of gravity more easily and accurately. This thoughtful feature further underlines the attention to detail SonicModell has put into this impressive model.

Sonicmodell Baby Ar Wing Pro Fpv Wing Rc Airplane Servo Linkage

How To Setup

Ready to take your Baby AR Wing Pro to the skies? Let’s walk through the steps to get you flying.

  1. Glue the wing tips (stabilizers) to the wings: The first step in assembling your Baby AR Wing Pro is attaching the wing tips to the wings with glue. I recommend E6000, hot glue also works well.
  2. Attach the wings to the fuselage: After your PWM receiver is in place, attach the wings to the fuselage. Make sure they’re securely fastened before proceeding.
  3. Select a PWM receiver: Next, you need to add your receiver. While it’s possible to use a flight controller for this wing, I will be using a PWM receiver due to its simplicity. Ideally, a 3-channel receiver should suffice, but if you have a receiver with more channels, that works too. If you don’t known which receiver to get, I recommend the Radiomaster ER4 – it’s compact and perform great.
  4. Adding Receiver: I typically connect the ESC/Motor (throttle) to Channel 1, the left servo (with the wing facing away) to Channel 2, and the right servo to Channel 3. If you have a self-powered buzzer, you can attach it to Channel 4. While it’s not necessary, a buzzer can be quite helpful in locating the wing after a crash.
  5. Configure OpenTX or EdgeTX: Head to the Mixes and Inputs pages on your OpenTX or EdgeTX radio and configure the settings as per your preference.
  6. Perform a ‘High Five’ test: plug in a battery and conduct a ‘High Five’ test to ensure the control surfaces are responding correctly to your controls, and that the motor is spinning (DO NOT install propeller yet for safety).
  7. Setting up Failsafe: If you’re using ExpressLRS, it’s crucial to set up failsafe, which determines the channels’ output when the signal is lost. This setup is vital for the safety. In the event of failsafe, you’d want your wing aileron to return to a neutral position while the motor stops spinning. Incorrect setup might result in the motor continuing to spin while the aircraft going out of control.
  8. Installing the Propeller: For safety reasons, I recommend installing the propeller last. Make sure the “shiny side” of the propeller faces forward and the “matte side” faces the back. When the motor is spinning, the airflow should push the wing forward. If you purchased the PNP version, the motor should already be spinning in the correct direction right out of the box. However, if you find the need to reverse the motor direction, simply swap any two of the three motor wires soldered to the ESC. Always remember, safety first when handling your aircraft, especially around the spinning propeller.

Sonicmodell Baby Ar Wing Pro Fpv Wing Rc Airplane Glue Tips

Sonicmodell Baby Ar Wing Pro Fpv Wing Rc Airplane Model Assembled

Inputs order doesn’t matter. This is where you set Expo for Aileron and Elevon (E25 = 25%).

Sonicmodell Baby Ar Wing Pro Fpv Wing Rc Airplane Radio Receiver Pwm Radiomaster Expresslrs Er4

High Five test.

Fixed Wing Setup Mixer Control Surface Elevon Aileron Radio Stick

Optionally, You can also use a switch as the arm switch for extra safety:

And voila! You’re ready to take your Baby AR Wing Pro for its maiden flight. If you’re unsure about take-off or landing of a fixed wing, don’t worry—I’ve got you covered. Check out my quick tutorial video for some easy-to-follow tips and tricks.

Flight Performance

The Baby AR Wing PRO is easy to hand launch, even with its heavier weight. The noise level is considerably lower than the full size AR Wing Pro.

While not a speed demon, this wing can reach up to around 50MPH to 60MPH in level flight. For cruising speeds around 20MPH to 30MPH. You can expect around 20 to 25 minutes of flight time from a 3S 3000mah Li-ion pack.

Despite these positive points, the wing gets pushed around by wind quite a lot. Wind over 15MPH makes the wing harder to handle. If you fly in the wind a lot, it’s best to have a stabilizer in it to make your life easier. But this wing is more suited for calm weather.

With the recommended throws of about 9mm, you can easily perform basic loops and rolls. However, if you’re looking for high acrobatic performance, you might want to consider something with a larger motor and control surfaces.

Final Thoughts

The Baby AR Wing Pro is not a fast wing, but it stands out in terms of straightforward assembly process and ultra portability. All you need to do is glue the wing tips into place, setup the receiver, and you’re good to go! You can disassemble it into smaller parts without the need for tools, making it travel-friendly and suitable for backpack storage.

This is extremely good for beginners and backpackers. While you do have the option to add the included decals, I’m likely to skip that step since I plan on giving this wing away to my patrons in the future. :)

One point worth mentioning is using digital FPV systems – the battery mount is located right behind the camera bay. This makes it easy to install an analog FPV camera, but if you’re planning on installing a digital FPV system, you might need to put in a bit more thoughts where to put the VTX, because the ribbon cable between the camera and VTX is usually quite short.

Also, it’s important to note that the Baby AR Wing Pro isn’t designed to carry an action camera. Should you wish to do so, be prepared to get creative and make some serious modifications.

So, if you’re a fan of the original AR Wing Pro but desire a more compact size, the Baby AR Wing is definitely worth considering!

The Baby AR Wing Pro is available for purchase from the following vendors:

Get 3S LiPo battery here:

Get a XT60 male to XT30 female adapter:

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