Review: Speedybee WiFi Adapter 2 – Configuring Betaflight Without Computer

Speedybee upgraded their Bluetooth adapter to WiFi, you can now setup the flight controller in your FPV drone with only smartphone, no need for computer. You can even flash Betaflight firmware and use BLHeli Configurator through the Speedybee mobile app.

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How to Use SpeedyBee Adapter 2

First you should download or update the latest version of the SpeedyBee mobile app, it’s available on both Android and iOS. In the new version they added WiFi connection alongside the good old Bluetooth and OTG.

You can power the Speedybee Adapter 2 with 1S to 6S LiPo battery, that means you can even use it for your 1S tiny whoops! (min input voltage 3.8V)

It supports two types of battery connector: XT60 and JST-PH.

The Adapter 2 LED will turn RED indicating it’s powered up.

Connect the provided micro USB cable between the adapter and the flight controller in your drone.

You will find two micro USB connectors in the Speedybee WiFi adapter, one is for connecting to the FC, and the other is just a dumb connector – you can plug both ends of the cable to the adapter for easy transportation.

Speedybee made a mistake on the label “TO FC” in my unit, it’s actually pointing to the wrong connector. Anyway if you have trouble getting it to work just try the other micro USB connector.

In the Speedybee app, click on the WiFi icon on home page, and it will take you to WiFi settings in your phone. Here you should see a new WiFi network (SBAdapter2_XXXX). Connect to it, it should not require a password.

Once you’ve connected, the adapter LED will turn Green.

Return to the Speedybee app, you should now be able to configure your Betaflight FC :)

They’ve also added options to flash new Betaflight firmware to the flight controller, and configure BLHeli_S ESC – only BLHeli_S and not BLHeli_32. These new features are supported in both WiFi and OTG connections.

You can officially flash and configure Betaflight only using your phone, without ever touching your computer! Super handy if you often work on your quads in the field and have no access to your computer.

Be aware that when your phone is connected to the Speedybee Adapter 2, you will have no internet connection unless you have 4G (or other cellular network) – you need it to download firmware if you were to flash Betaflight. Or you can download the firmware to your device using your home wifi before connecting to the adapter.

Downsides of Adapter 2

The main downside seems to be the Speedybee app. Firstly it’s a 3rd party application which isn’t managed by Betaflight. Speedybee should keep it up-to-date, but if they don’t then the users are all stuck.

And they have started rolling out advertisements in the app, it’s not a huge problem for me personally, I understand that they invested a lot of resource to make this app happen, and deserve to get something in return. But if that’s something you are against, perhaps it’s not for you.

4 thoughts on “Review: Speedybee WiFi Adapter 2 – Configuring Betaflight Without Computer

  1. scott

    I am not loving this product, half the time it cant connect to the WIFI signal and the latency is very noticeable. So you have to wait after every time you touch the screen to change something. Just a wonky experience all together. And yes the device is labeled incorrectly, the USB input are backwards.

  2. muchzill4

    While initially in love with the idea, I’ve had speedybee app change random filter settings in the past, so unlikely to trust it again. It might’ve been me trying to use it with incompatible (more recent) version of BF, but I believe they should be more explicit in the app about supported versions and show some sort of warning. I recommend dry-running it on the bench and comparing configurator diffs.

  3. Viktor

    Hi Oscar, love your page.
    Perhaps I am ignorant and missing something obvious here, but what’s the benefit of this product over just using an USB-OTG Cable and the Betaflight Configurator Android app?


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