Speedybee USB to Bluetooth Adapter

There are times I wanted to configure my quadcopter using smartphone app, but I couldn’t install a bluetooth module because there isn’t a spare UART. Check out the Speedybee USB to Bluetooth adapter, an alternative to Bluetooth modules.

Update (Aug 2020): Speedybee released a new adapter that supports WiFi, it can do everything the Bluetooth adapter can do, plus flashing firmware and configuring BLHeli_S ESC.

It’s basically an external Bluetooth dongle to connect to the USB port of your flight controller. This allows you to use the Betaflight App on your phone without installing the Bluetooth module inside your quad, and taking up any precious UART.

These days, smartphone apps for Betaflight are really well designed and powerful. They are available on both Android and iOS.

Yes, you can change a lot of settings in Betaflight OSD and LUA script, but they don’t cover everything. The Speedybee App gives you to full access to CLI, just like the configurator on your computer. Anyway, it’s good to have options.

Where To Buy?

It comes with an XT60 pigtail, transparent heatshrink and a manual.

How Does the USB to Bluetooth Adapter Work?

On the Speedybee USB to Bluetooth adapter, there is a power input to solder the XT60 pigtail to. There is also a USB connector, which is used to connect to the USB port on the flight controller.

Simply plug in a LiPo battery to power the adapter and your FC. It will work with nearly all of our LiPo’s as it can take 2S to 7S.

And now you connect access your FC from your phone via Bluetooth. How cool is that?!

Closer Look at the Adapter


  • Dimensions: 42x20x5.6mm
  • Weight: 3.5g
  • Input voltage: 2S to 7S LiPo (6V – 30V)
  • Range: 30 feet (10m)
  • Dimension: 42x20x5.6mm
  • Weight: 3.5g

There are 3 LED indicators:

  • LED1 (Red) – Power Indicator, turns on when battery is connected
  • LED2 (Blue) – USB connection indicator, turns on when connected to FC via USB
  • LED3 (Green) – Bluetooth connection indicator, turns on when connected to Bluetooth

What Can’t You Do?

The Speedybee Betaflight App is pretty powerful, however there are things you still can’t do with it yet.

  • Flashing Firmware
  • Choose/upload the OSD font and custom OSD Logo


It’s a really convenient gadget to have if you like using iOS/Android APP to configure Betaflight. Give it a try if you haven’t already because the application is free :) I really like this adapter because it doesn’t take up any UART, and it’s really simple and easy to setup. It’s working flawlessly for me so far.

Speedybee also makes dedicated Bluetooth module that connects to the UART on your FC, as well as an flight controller that has built-in BT module.

8 thoughts on “Speedybee USB to Bluetooth Adapter

  1. CoRNDoG R6

    I saw a comment that this adapter does not work with/connect to FC’s running TBS Crossfire. Can you confirm?


  2. Mike Aarset

    So this works great on my CLRACINGF4 boards running BF 3.2. But I have one CLRACING F4 running BF 3.4 RC3 because it uses GPS Rescue and the app crashes when selecting the PID tab. So I’m not sure if this app will support BF 3.4?

    1. Oscar Post author

      I haven’t tried it with 3.4 yet… maybe the APP needs updating… check if there is an update ?


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