Weight Differences Between Steel, Aluminium, Titanium Bolts

Aluminium, Titanium and Steel are the popular material used in FPV drone hardware. The weight differences are fairly significant actually. Steel is the heaviest for a reason, they are tough, but even steel has many grades.

  • Nylon 6mm big 6mm 0.0943g
  • Nylon 6mm small 8mm 0.0616g
  • 7075 aluminum 6mm 0.1674g
  • 7075 aluminum 8mm 0.2034g
  • Titanium 6mm 0.2623g
  • Titanium 8mm 0.3590g
  • Stainless 6mm 0.4688g
  • Stainless 8mm 0.5454g
  • Steel 10-9 button 6mm 0.5209g
  • Steel 12-9 cap 6mm 0.6479g

Personally, for extreme weight saving, I’d put aluminium all over the quad where strength doesn’t matter. But for motors, I’d stick with steel.

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