Review: Sub250 DollyFly25 Cinewhoop

by Oscar

Exploring the DollyFly25 by Sub250, a unique 2.5-inch Cinewhoop in the market, I delved into its features and performance. This drone is tailored for FPV enthusiasts who seek a compact yet powerful flying experience

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Where to Buy?

You can purchase the Dollyfly25 from Sub250:

You can get the DollyFly 25 in three receiver variants: plug-and-play, ELRS 2.4, or TBS Nano Crossfire.

Build and Capabilities

The DollyFly 25 is not just about aesthetics; it’s a powerhouse. It supports a GoPro attachment and features the Red Fox F7 flight controller. The drone operates on a 4S Lipo battery, and I tested it with Sub250’s new 720mAh batteries. Its XT30 connector integrates seamlessly with the frame.

The standout aspect of the DollyFly25 is its vertical mounting of the DJI O3 system, a first in this drone category. Equipped with 1404 4500 KV motors and HQ DT 63×3 V2 props, it promises robust performance. The RedFox A3 flight controller, with a 35A AIO, and many connectors, including one for GPS, enhances its versatility.

The drone’s rear USB port and foldable antenna contribute to its ease of use and portability. A sticky battery pad and textured strap secure the battery, while the XT30 connector caters to a range of battery options. The inclusion of a lens protector and a DJI O3 accessory kit in the package is a thoughtful addition.

The DollyFly 25 boasts a user-friendly camera cover and a practical blade retention system. The addition of landing legs enhances stability, and the auxiliary LED light is a smart feature for night landings.

Field Test Experience

In my hands-on experience, the DollyFly25 showcased remarkable power and range. Its ability to explore and maneuver smoothly in varied conditions was impressive. However, limited camera angle due to the O3 VTX mounting restricts its speed potential. The drone’s power is notable, especially with the DJI remote. However, I observed slight vibrations at high speeds. This minor issue aside, the drone’s design and features like GPS rescue capability and removable prop guards make it a top contender.


The Sub250 DollyFly25 stands out for its innovative design and solid build. Its flying capabilities, especially in exploration and cinematic shooting, are commendable. The limited camera angle is a minor drawback in an otherwise versatile and efficient drone. Perfect for both hobbyists and pros looking for a sub-250g Cinewhoop, the DollyFly25 is a strong contender in its category.

You can purchase the Dollyfly25 from Sub250:

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