How to Flash OpenTX to Jumper T16

The Jumper T16 is officially supported by OpenTX, and finally the stable firmware was released before the end of 2019. In this tutorial I will show you how to flash your T16 and T16 Pro with OpenTX firmware.

Warning: by flashing OpenTX to your T16 for the first time, it will wipe all the settings. You can back up the models, but other settings such as custom themes settings and radio settings will be reset. Make sure you take some pictures of all settings before you begin.

Wondering if the T16 is a good radio? See my T16 radio review.

Install OpenTX Companion

You need to download OpenTX Companion 2.3.5 or newer, and install it on your PC. If the installer/program isn’t responding, right click on the icon and select “troubleshoot compatibility”.

Download OpenTX Firmware

In OpenTX Companion, create a new radio profile for the T16, you should have a profile for each of your radios.

Radio Profile Settings that I needed to edit:

  • Profile Name: T16
  • Radio Type: Jumper T16 / T16+ / T16 Pro
  • Build options select “noheli“, “lua“, “internalmult

If you set the wrong ratio type, it will download wrong firmware and might brick your radio.

The “noheli” option is for those who don’t fly helicopters.

Don’t select “internalmulti” if you are using an external multi-protocol module, only select it if its integrated inside the radio.

Select “lua” if you want to run LUA scripts.

The “eu” option will disable protocols that aren’t legal in the EU. Enable this if you are from the EU.

Create folders for your SD card backups, this can be helpful if you have multiple radios.

Default stick mode and channel order don’t matter since you can change them later in “System Settings” to your liking. Choose AETR this is Betaflight default.

Enable “Append version number to FW file name“, it helps to identify what firmware version of the file you downloaded.

Leave everything on Application Settings and Simulator Settings to default.

Click OK, and find the download button on the top tool bar.

The following popup box will show up. Click “Download firmware” to… download the firmware.

Also download SD contents, it may or may not been changed between firmware updates, but it’s safer to download it anyway. It will take you to a website, download the latest zip file, and unzip it on your PC.

Backup Your Models

When flashing OpenTX to the Jumper T16 for the first time, it will erase all the models, so back up your existing models.

If you have complex settings like custom theme settings, system settings, mixers, logical switches and special functions, take some photos just in case!

I have a tutorial explaining how to backup models in OpenTX Companion.

Flash OpenTX to T16

Put radio in “bootloader mode” by pressing both trim buttons inward, and then the power button. Plug in the USB cable.

Click the “Write Firmware to Radio” button on the left hand side.

Select the firmware file you just downloaded.

It takes about 30 seconds to complete and you get a message “Flashing done”.

SD Card Contents

When updating SD card contents, it’s best to backup your old one first, in case you have custom sound files and images files etc.

Make sure you wipe the card clean before copying the new SD card contents (by deleting all files/folders, or simply formatting). Simply overwriting existing folders and files won’t work.

Setting Up

Powering up the T16 now, and you will get a new startup showing the OpenTX logo.

All settings have been reset, and you have to set up everything again as we mentioned.

Here is how to restore your models you just backed up.

Here is my tutorial of how to setup the T16 for the first time.

Here is a tutorial how to give your T16 a brand new look by customizing the color and layout, you can also try changing out the background images and use custom model logos.

If you haven’t downloaded the Amber sound pack, you should give it a try, sound quality is better than the stock one:

Install LUA Script: tutorial coming soon.

13 thoughts on “How to Flash OpenTX to Jumper T16

  1. Salvatore


    Sorry for my English…
    is there a way to do a factory reset?
    I have a problem with the SYS and PAGE keys that seem to not work properly anymore and I wanted to try to do a reset.
    Can you help me out?

    Best regards


  2. dennis

    HI, I can only bind one jumper R8 RX to the TX ,and tied to bind another but no luck, changed RX number, can you help thanks Dennis

  3. Ron Epstein

    I am having a crazy issue with a Jumper T16. OpenTX and a FrSky receiver. I updated the T16 to OpenTx following your instructions. I updated to version: openTx-t16-2.3.7 and the options are crossfire, multimode, lua and luac. I updated the SD card as well. I am having problems after I bind it to a FrSky RX. The bind process goes fine, the LEDs show that it is bound as does the LCD on the T16, but the quad freezes in BetaFlight. All the input and output from BetaFlight freezes. It’s like to connection with BetaFlight fails as soon as the T16 binds. When you click on the tabs, the curser just spins. So to be clear, if i plug the model into BetaFlight and don’t have it bound to the T16, BetaFlight works as it should (reading data off the quad and etc – all the tabs show and the data stream is real time), but as soon as I plug a battery in to the model to bind to the T16 and the T16 acknowledges it, everything freezes in BetaFlight. My son has a Taranis Q7 and the RX binds to it (no problem) and it works fine in BetaFlight (BetaFlight acts as it should). So it appears to be an issue with the T16 after it binds. Do you have any idea of what is going on here? I must have done something wrong, but I have no clue.

  4. Dave

    Any idea why the six mode buttons (rotary in OTX) doesn’t work in Special Functions adding sounds 6_1 6_2 … in OpenTX ?

  5. Ron Haverink

    Dear Oscar. Somehow I can not bind for example
    The frsky xm+ and the frsky xr6r receivers.
    Some help would be great.
    Jumper t16 pro hall gimbal, open tx 2.3.5
    Latest firmware, I think on the interval 4 in 1 module.
    Hope to hear from jou.

    1. Oscar Post author

      It will take some troubleshooting, and a long time for me to reply on blog comments. Maybe join our forum?

  6. Paul DArcy

    Thanks for a great tutorial.
    Can you help me find information on open TX and how it developed? I jumped from an old Futaba (TCH9) which is about 15 years old to a jumper T 16 pro and obviously the 2 are very different. For example I don’t know what Bootloader is or what flashing means? Many thanks

  7. Robert

    Hi, Thanks for an easy to follow and informative article. It all seemed to go well and everything seems to work apart from the option in OpenTX companion to backup and restore the radio and to install custom backgrounds.

    What have I done wrong (Models and firmware backup/restore work fine).



  8. Dexter

    I have read articles and watched videos dealing with this OpenTX installation. Your version has been by far the most clear, concise and informative step-by-step instructional process that I’ve found. Once I carefully followed and implemented the procedure, everything went smooth, and I acquired a little computer knowledge while doing so. Thank you so much for taking the time to illustrate this process, and also the plethora of articles as well.

  9. yds

    Besides the well known Amber sound pack mentioned in the article:

    There’s also the more frequently updated Joanne sound pack:


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