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Make a DIY Cloverleaf Antenna

The cloverleaf antenna is a circular polarized antenna which is way better than the cheap whip antenna that comes with most transmitters. In fact it is one of the best FPV video transmitter antennas available to hobbyists at the moment. I explained the benefits of a circular polarized antenna over a linear one if you are not sure what are the differences.  Read More

Circular or Linear Polarized Antenna For FPV

The antenna directly affects the FPV range. There have been discussions about what type of antenna and how much gains should be used for RC airplane, quadcopter or multicopter FPV, so we are going to explore the types of antenna, the difference between them and the pros and cons of these options. Check out my previous post about how Antenna gain would affect the range. Read More

How Antenna Gain affects Range in FPV

To increase the range of the reception range of the radio system, there are two ways: either to increase the power of the transmitter or the power gain of the antenna.

As RC hobbyist we usually try to avoid modifying the transmitter to increase the power, or use a high power one, because that would add more weights to the plane. So that left us with the second option – increasing the gain of the antenna. However there are always misunderstanding about the concept of antenna gain.

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