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Review: TS100 Soldering Iron – Best Portable & Field Repairing Tool

The TS100 soldering iron is one of the best tool I’ve owned for building and repairing quadcopters. It can be powered by a LiPo battery as well as a power supply. It’s small and lightweight, and extremely portable. I will go though the features in this review and explain why this solder iron is so good.

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Lulfro Brushed Micro Quad Build, Hyperion 25mW FPV combo, SRP8 PPM Receiver

Because of the lack of suitable radio receiver (always out of stock), my brushed micro quadcopter build with the Lulfro FC was left unfinished in my spare box. But finally I found a good RX alternative that fits perfectly in a micro quad, and here I share how it was completed.

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