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BrainFPV FC and Tau Labs GCS – Review after 1 week use

After using BrainFPV FC and the Tau Labs GCS for 1 week, here are some of my thoughts, things I like, dislike and ideas. I might not be objective here since I haven’t used it long enough. Sent this post to the BrainFPV Developer as email, so hopefully some of the ideas will be heard.

I will keep this post updated as I use the board/software more.

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BrainFPV Flight Controller Review

Introducing the BrainFPV Flight Controller

BrainFPV (A.K.A the Brain) is a new flight controller that is designed for FPV flying. It’s the same size as the Naze32 and CC3D (36mmx36mm square), with impressive amount of components built into it given the small form factor and light weight.

It has the standard Gyro sensor, Accelerometer, Magnetometer and Barometer. The reason I said it’s designed for FPV pilot is the integrated full graphic OSD. The OSD is highly customizable and configurable, and you can even switch between OSD displays with your radio transmitter or flight modes.

The developer of this board said:

We spent a lot of time cramming everything imaginable into the popular 36x36mm form factor. The result is a kick-ass flight controller running a fast CPU (STM32f4, 168MHz) that is also used to render a full-graphic on-screen display showing flight information and maps with waypoints etc. We only use the highest quality components and do all the PCB production and assembly in the United States.

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