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How to build a Racing Drone (FPV Mini Quad) Beginner Guide

This tutorial shows you how to build a racing drone from scratch (aka FPV mini quad). I have chosen the cheapest yet reliable parts that perform well. I will also show you how to assemble this quadcopter, provide useful tips and walk you through the process to configure the software for your first flight.

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Konrad’s ZMR250 Mini Quad build – Group Build Log Contest Entry

This page is written by a group member who entered our build log contest. We are sharing the info hope it would be useful to someone.

My buddy and I spent entire Saturday building our first quads, and they both fly like a dream! Building/configuring was 11 hours of pure fun!

Thank you folks for sharing knowledge, we really appreciate it!

Parts list of The Twin Quads:

  • Frame: ZMR250
  • Motors: DYS BE1806 Black Edition
  • ESC: EMAX “Simon” 12A
  • FC: CC3D clone
  • Batteries: 1600 30C/60C + 1800 45C/90C
  • TX/RX: FS-i6 + stock FS-iA6 (cheap and have failsafe in stock, and uhm… “telemetry”)

Don’t remember exact weight, but both were around 470g with 1800mah strapped on. No FPV, no camera yet. Runcam HD on the way

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