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For many people who aren’t familiar with electronics often struggle to decide whether to use BJT or MOSFET in their project. As explained in earlier posts, BJT is current-controlled device where MOSFET is voltage-controlled, both with unique characteristics and their pros and cons. There isn’t a straight-forward and definite answer. When choosing which one to use in your application, one needs to consider some of these questions: power level, drive voltage, load voltage,switching speed, efficiency, cost, etc.

In this article I will mainly focus on low power consumption applications e.g. driving a few LEDs or 5V DC motor etc, since most of the readers on this blog are of Arduino and Raspberry Pi hobbyists.

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How To Use MOSFET – Beginner’s Tutorial

In this article, I will go through some common questions people tend to raise when they are using MOSFET, and the basics of MOSFET. This tutorial is primarily written for non-academic people, so I will try to minimize the theory part and mainly focus on the practical side of things. However if you are into the theory how MOSFET work, I will share some useful academic articles and resources at the end of this post. MOSFET has some advantage and disadvantage over BJT, so choose carefully depends on your application.

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